Chicago Bears Super Bowl winner Michael Richardson charged with murder, December 31, 2020 news

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We have another 42/59 ritual, shaming a black man. This occurred December 30, the lone “42” date in the calendar year, and as reported, he si 59 years old.

12/30 = 12+30 = 42

*Slavery = 42 *Slave = 59

*Nigger = 42 *Negro = 59

And 47 year old Ronald Like? Really?

*Ronald Like = 101 (This is the 101st NFL Season)
*The First Super Bowl season was the 101st

This news comes during the 101st NFL season.

They saved this news story for the day after, the date with 83 numerology, December 31, 2020.

12/31/2020 = 12+31+20+20 = 83

Not by chance, he was drafted in ’83, with the 33rd pick, only to be arrested on the 33rd Parallel North in Phoenix, Arizona.

*Michael Calvin Richardson = 139 (34th prime) *Murder = 34

He was arrested 221 days after his 59th birthday.

Bavarian Illuminati established 1776, 59 years after the establishment of modern Freemasonry in 1717

The arrest was on a date with 82 numerology and ’85 Bears beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl that season.

12/30/2020 = 12+30+20+20 = 82

As for ’85, notice how ‘Phoenix, Arizona’ fits in.

Keep in mind the only two teams in the NFL that are from Chicago are the Bears and the Cardinals, who now play in the suburb of Phoenix, Glendale.

Futhermore, this is the year of Super Bowl 55.

Not by chance, this news comes 38 days before Super Bowl 55, which will be played on February 7, 2021, the 38th day of the year.

Read more about murder, 38 and 83 here:

*The murder was December 29, or 12/29.

*1229, 201st prime *The Jesuit Order = 201

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