China threatens U.S. with relation over Winter Olympics on December 7, 2021, the 80 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor

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On December 6, 2021, the 201st day of the Ignatian Year (May 20, 2021 – July 31, 2022), the U.S. federal government said it was planning to boycott the Winter Olympics because of China’s behavior, including his its recent “201 related” military escalations with Taiwan. And then on December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of Japan attacking the United Sates, China, who once an ally of the United States in World War II, is now threatening the United States, in the buildup to World War III.
The Jesuit Order = 201 / 177
Winter Olympics = 201 / 177
New World Order = 177
Propaganda = 177 / 93
*Order of Illuminati = 201 / 93

Read about the ongoing 201 rituals in China, from the World Trade Organization, to the recent escalation with Taiwan here.

Summer Olympics = 201 / 177

This is why military powers are meeting today, with Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, or the U.S. and Russia, which you can’t spell without U.S.A. Read more about that here.

And as for today being the 80 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor… December 7, or 12/7, don’t forget that Buildings 1, 2 and 7 fell on September 11, 2001, the “New Pearl Harbor.”
Bavarian Illuminati = 80 / 127
-Founded by the Jesuit
-Who died 201 days after the anniversary of establishment
-He renamed it *Order of Illuminati = 201

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