China to create line of separation at Everest summit over Covid-19 fears, May 9, 2021 | Jesuits In Plain Sight

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This news comes May 9, 2021, a date that can be written 9/5, like 95. *Everest = 95

Think about the symbolism of this, Mt. Everest, the highest mountain above sea level in the world.

Think about how the Jesuits were were recognized by Rome on September 27, 1540, the day leaving 95 days in the year, to counter the 95 Theses, and that was on their calendar, the Gregorian, which the majority of the world goes by now.

Tibet = 56 / 79
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

Free Tibet? International campaign? Planting seeds for international causes for a New World Order?

And regarding 95, think about ‘Fauci’ (meaning Jaw) in the United States.

And never forget this 95 ritual with Fauci, Gerrit Cole & the New York Yankees.

Think about MLK assassinated on the 95th day of 1968, April 4.

Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses.

Plus, the date can be written 5/9, like 59.
Pope Francis = 59
-First Jesuit Pope (publicly)
-1959 was the year of the Tibetan Uprising

And as for this relating to Buddhism and Tibet, today is the 129th day of the year.
129 is 201 in base 8 counting
The Jesuit Order = 201

Don’t overlook the ’21’. Again, this news comes on a ‘Sunday’ — thus it can’t get more Catholic.

21 / 78 / 84

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