Chris Hansen compares Diddy to R. Kelly on April Fools Day, 201 days after his 64th birthday

Celebrity Federal Government Legal News Racism Secret Societies Sexual Abuse

Have you seen Diddy with the Maltese Cross or the Jesus Piece?
Drunk with Power=79 & 205 *Knights Templar=79 & 205
The Maltese Cross is associated with Templars
Drunk with Power=74 *Cross=74 *Jesus=74 *Rapper=74 (etc.)

On 4/2, Fox had to post at 1:59 PM. *Slavery=42 *Nigger=42 *Black Man=42
New Testament=42 & 159 (NT begins with 42 generations to Jesus)

This interview was Monday, April Fools Day, April 1, 2024, 201 days after Chris Hansen’s birthday, or on his 202nd day of his age. Fox has the written story on it the day after, 202 days after his birthday.
The Jesuit Order=201 *Jesuit=42 (like 4/2)
Skull and Bones=202, 201 & 41 (like 4/1)
Chris Hansen=179 (41st prime)

Chris Hansen was born in ’59, commonly paired with 42. *Bad Boy Records=59

And his birthday is the day Tupac Shakur died, September 13, 1996, on Chris Hansen’s 37th birthday.

As for Chris being 64, don’t forget International Chess Day is celebrated on the 201st day of the year.
Order of Illuminati=201 (64 spaces on the chessboard)

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