Chris Trousdale, singer of Dream Street, dead at 34, June 2, 2020, for unknown reasons

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

The singer, Chris Trousdale, is dead at 34…

His band name, Dream Street, reminds of Miracle on 34th Street…

That film came out in ’47.

The band sums to 47.

Dead at 34, from an undisclosed illness?

Notice he died on June 2, or 6/2, like 62.

You can also express his date of death 2/6, like 26.  His name sums to 206, same as ‘sacrifice’.

June 2 is the 154th day of the year.

He was just shy of his 35th birthday.  *Svengali = 35

He has died during the time of ‘coronavirus’.  Notice how ‘Trousdale’ and ‘Dream Street’ tie in, summing to 56 and 70.

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