Chris Ullman ‘Whistling Champ’ amazes Orioles fans, Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 147 days from the start of the World Series

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It’s no accident the story is 1:47, and pertaining to the National Anthem.

From the day he appeared at the Orioles game, May 29, 2024, to the first game of the World Series, is a span of 147 days from now.

You could also say it is 146 days later, and the flag’s birthday is 14/6, 14th of June.

CNN’s Jeane Moos emphasized how he whisted THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!

The 1:47 story stands out, it is a special number. *Freemason=147 *World Series=147

Recall that the Baltimore Orioles owner died on the anniversary of the Key Bridge opening, March 23, 2024, and then the Key Bridge collapsed three days after his very numerical death, 41 years after the Orioles won their last World Series. *Baltimore=41 *USA=41

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