Christopher Wray says Antifa was not involved in Capitol Riot, March 2, 2021, like the good Skull and Bones puppet he is

Controlled Opposition Federal Government Jesuit Secret Societies

This testimony from the FBI head about the January 6, or 6/1 protest comes on Mach 2, 2021, the 61st day of the year… Notice it is a span of 56 days too.

Society of Jesus = 56 *Civil War = 56 (Began in 1861, emphasis on ’61)

And notice how the FBI head ‘Christopher Asher Wray’ fits in.

Keep in mind today is March 2, or 3/2, like 32, reminding us of the 32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo.

Remember, the FBI is considering online personalities who question government narratives “terrorists.” And consider Graham has been a hardliner for the contrived war on terrorism, which started out with brown people overseas. Now the enemy is the person who was calling out those lies and agendas, and more current ones.

Of course, ‘Antifa’ is a federal operation, it is why city police do nothing about them.

Notice Christopher Wray is 54 years old at this time, and has the same birthday as Pope Francis, the first Pope that is a member of the Jesuit Order.

And let us not forget that he is a Yale grad, who moved up the chain in Washington D.C. under Skull and Bones member George W. Bush.

Thus, today’s lies before the people come on his 76th day of his age.

And don’t forget George W.’s birthday, July 6, or 7/6.

Like Daniel Coit Gilman…

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