CINCINNATI and the Great Conjunction Part 3: Cedric Benson

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Recreation of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia,

The Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction ritual will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio when the Cincinnati Bengals host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football on December 21st, 2020.


71 is a major number for the Jesuit Order who venerates Jupiter: “Catholic”, “Knights of Columbus”, “Vatican City”, “Babylon”, “November fifth”‘ “Zeus”, “Jovian”, “Whore of Babylon”, all sum to 71.

Cincinnati, Ohio is in “Hamilton County” which sums to 71.

The Vatican gained independence on February 11th, a date written 211.


Saturn is the god of time. Time is measured by clocks. The world’s most famous clock is London’s Big Ben. Pittsburgh Steelers starting Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is nicknamed Big Ben.

“Big Ben” Roethlisberger

Big Ben is a clock tower. The gematria value of “CLOCK TOWER” is 1221 like the date of the Great Conjunction: December 21st.

“Ben” sums to 12 and 21 in gematria, like the big date 1221, December 21st.

In Hebrew “Ben” means “son.” When you combine “Ben” and “son” you get “Benson” the name of the former Cincinnati Bengals Running Back who died August 17th, 2019 in a motorcycle crash. Could this be part of the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction ritual in Cincinnati on 12-21, 2020?

Some of Cedric Benson’s last social media words were “MY SATURDAY EVENING” which he posted on instagram the day of his death, alongside a picture of his motorcycle. Below is an image of that instagram post.

The gematria of “MY SATURDAY EVENING” – in the Latin/Jewish cipher – is 2112 like the date 21-12, 21st December.

Cincinnati Nicknames: The 513, The Queen City

One of the nicknames of the city of Cincinnati is “The 513” after its telephone dialing code.

The timespan from what would have been Cedric Benson’s most recent birthday before the Great Conjunction night ( December 28th, 2019 ) to the Great Conjunction night is 51 weeks, 3 days, like 513 the Cincinnato dialing code and nickname.

This suggests that the death of Cedric Benson could very well be part of the grand ritual of Monday night December 21st, 2020.

Babylon is given a feminine identity and rose to prominence under Queen Semiramis. One of the ways Freemasonry acknowledges the Sacred feminine is with the moniker “GREAT QUEEN.” The Mother Lodge of Freemasonry is located in London on Great Queen Street. Cincinnati’s most popular nickname is “The Queen City.”

In Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria “GREAT QUEEN” sums to 513, a great synchronistic combination of two of the city’s nicknames.

It is interesting that out of the thousands of pictures of Joe Burrow that were available, Wikipedia chose this picture of his 2020 National Championship post game press conference appearance next to Linebacker Patrick QUEEN. Predictive programming for his NFL destination of The Queen City.

Joe Burrow (center) next to teammate Patrick Queen (right)

JUPITER the Tiger, Woods, 817

I explained last week how the tiger is used to symbolize Jupiter, the striped planet.

The most famous person associated with the “TIGER” name is golfer Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. Born December 30th, Woods is a Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, but consider where his residence is listed as: JUPITER Island, Florida.

Now consider what Wikipedia lists as the official population of Jupiter Island, Florida, home of Tiger Woods: 817.,_Florida

817 like the date August 17th that former Bengals (which is a tiger) Running Back Cedric Benson died on.

That is not the end of the connections between Bengal/Tiger – Jupiter – Woods and Running Backs: consider who the most famous Cincinnati Bengals Running Back is: WOODS, Ickey Woods, who – born February 28th – is a PISCES, which is ruled by the planet JUPITER.

Notice the amazing synchronicity between Ickey Woods’ full name “Elbert L Woods” and “CINCINNATI”: 51, 174 and 66 in 3 out 4 base ciphers of gematria.

Sacrifice of Venus

Cedric Benson – being a Capricorn – represented SATURN. SATURday is the day of the week named after the planet SATURN. Benson’s death occurred on a Saturday.

Venus was also ritually sacrificed in the event. Along with Cedric Benson his female passenger Aamna Najam also perished.

She was 27 years-old. 27 is the gematria value of “VENUS.”

Venus is represented by a pentagram. The pair died when their motorcycle hit a Dodge minivan. The logo for Chrysler/Dodge is a pentagram inside a pentagon.

It is also interesting that her name “Aamna Najam” sums to 201, the big Jesuit number.

213 and Synchronicity with The Life of Pi

The Life of Pi is a multi-award-winning movie from 2012 ( 2020 is 2012 in the Coptic Calendar).

Jupiter symbolism is abound in that movie primarily in the form of one of its main characters which is a TIGER. The Tiger’s name is Richard Parker which it got from the name a hunter. “Hunter” is a reference to the zodiac sign of SAGITTARIUS which features an entity with a bow and arrow.

The lead human character Piscine “Pi” Patel is played by actor Suraj Sharma chosen for is birthday of 21st March, 1993 which makes him a Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter. 21st March is written 213.

The official biological term for a tiger is “PANTHERA TIGRIS” which sums to 213.


“CEDRIC BENSON” sums to 213.

As far as the “Ben” which is Hebrew for “son” theme. The “son” being referenced could be Zeus/Jupiter who is the son of Chronos/Saturn in Greco-Roman mythology. Perfect ritual reference for a great conjunction ritual.

Consider the age that Cedric Benson died at: 36, like the gematria of “JUPITER” in gematria’s purest cipher.


  1. Jason on November 19, 2020 at 4:02 am

    The Steelers beat the Bengals on Sunday 36-10 so wee see the number of Jupiter at the first meeting.

    • Rambo on November 21, 2020 at 9:13 pm

      Yes! 36! Nice catch!

  2. Jupiter54 on November 19, 2020 at 4:43 am

    This is wild.

    I am a Sagittarius born in Cincinnati with Saturn Conjunct my ascendent opposite Jupiter.

    On 12/21 Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct on my midheaven.

    I haven’t been to Cincinnati in a while, but had been considering this Christmas.

    • Rambo on November 21, 2020 at 8:03 pm

      LOL! Brilliant! You should visit over 12-21. Stay till Christmas. Get the 12-21 vibe!
      In Chinese astrology Jupiter corresponds with the element of WOOD. And Jupiter is the tiger.
      So you are the REAL Tiger Woods!

    • Rambo on November 22, 2020 at 8:19 pm

      Seattle Seahawks QuarterBack Russell Wilson is also a Sagittarius born in Cincinnati.

  3. AnthonyCDavison on November 19, 2020 at 6:04 am

    Just finished listening to your excellent presentation on TFR – you were just mentioning Back to the Future at the end and I spotted that “Cedric Myron Benson”=88 in Full Reduction: As you will know; in BTTF they have to reach 88 mph in order to travel through time.

    Also: From Benson’s 8/17/2019 sacrifice to the 12/21/2020 Great Conjunction is 1 year 4 months and 4 days; I`m sure you already know that “Time” in Jewish Gematria equates to 144.

    The distance between the two dates is also 16 months and 5 days if you include the end date: “Bengals”=165 in Jewish Gematria.

    Hope you find this useful – keep up the great work.

    • Sshev on November 19, 2020 at 4:44 pm

      Aamna Najam 201 reverse ordinal and 64 in Sir Francis Bacon’s simple cipher, like kill reverse ordinal. Benson was from UT that oddly has 144 Primes and 441 Trigonal. ALso, the death in Austin Texas = 153 144. The reverse of Jesuit Order. Benson was 36 years old. The triangle is 666. Longhorns = 59 single 122 ordinal, 115 Jewish ordinal. 122 almost clocktower. The reverse ordinal 121.

      • Rambo on November 21, 2020 at 9:20 pm

        144 is big in this ritual. Saturn the ruler of time (144 Latin) Big Ben which is being reset. This is a major ritual.

        • Sshev on November 22, 2020 at 8:25 am

          Rambo, I just read what I missed. Pantera!! Did you know the Talmud has Jesus as: Yeshu ben Pantera???
          In the Talmud, Jesus is called

          Yeshu ben Pantera. 66, 174, 1044 sumerian, 1037 Jewish, 56 Septenary

          Ben Pantera 42, 96, 174, 57, 1044 reverse sumerian,

          • Sshev on November 22, 2020 at 8:35 am

            There was a Roman Soldier they tied to “Jesus” Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera.

            Wikipedia on the name says Origen quotes Celcus that Jesus was the result of an affair between his mother Mary and a Roman soldier.

            a Roman soldier whose tombstone was found in Bingerbrück, Germany, in 1859. A historical connection from this soldier to Jesus has long been hypothesized by numerous scholars, based on the claim of the ancient Greek philosopher Celsus,

          • Rambo on November 22, 2020 at 7:54 pm

            Thanks. Ben Pantera can also be spelled Ben “Panthera” like Species name for cats. It’s amazing how many branches this web has. Ben and Pantera is huge but 174 is big as well: CINCINNATI = 174, Elbert L Woods = 174, Bengals Running Back = 174. “one hundred seventy four” = 2112 (Latin) the date of the Conjunction game. “three fifty six” = 174, 12-21-2020 will be the 356th day-of-the-year. The 911 flight #s sum to 356.

        • Sshev on November 23, 2020 at 11:53 am

          It is funny how 144 is Time in Jewish, but when shown in ordinal or reverse ordinal 144 has a sumerian of 864. This is related to the Sun, since 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 86400, or 864. One go round of the Sun. Whoever wrote for Saul Paul was replacing Mithras the unconquered Sun. Constantine never stopped worshipping it. Society of Jesus = 56, 191, 187. Unconquered Sun = 65, 70, 191, 187. Saul Paul claimed to be from Tarsus Cilicia = 144. This just happened to be the seat of Mithras worshipping Pirates. The Roman military became Mithras worshippers from learning about him from the Pirates they captured.
          Pirates = 34, 47, 88, 101
          Mithras = 34, 47, 88, 101.
          Both have 333 in Satanic and 606 obviously in Sumerian.

          Looking at the conjunction on earth it seems the two planets in December are right in between Capricornus and Sagittarius. So what you are finding makes sense. Sagittarius representing the Parthians in fame, I may have said before. Parthians = 47, 101 in Bacon’s and Jewish reduced and ordinal. They are 56, 106, and 137 in the base ciphers. The term equites sagittarii is the latin for horseback archers = 201 and 93 in Jewish and Sir Francis Bacon’s ciphers. In Greek Betacode equites sagittarii = 1864. The rule of colel doesn’t say which side you can remove the 1. so maybe 864 again. The famous horseback trick, Parthian Shot = 59, 67, reduced. and 201 in the calculator’s Francis Bacon. Ben Panthera = 156 in Francis Bacon or 911. I’ll note that Jesus was more likely a real son of Joseph from the Genesis 49 prophecy. He would have been at least half Egyptian according to the Bible. Joseph married the daughter of the high priest of Heliopolis. “Jesus” told the Israelite Samaritan woman, in the Gospel called John, that he was who THEY were waiting for. That would be Messiah ben Joseph from Genesis 49. The one tied to archers, and the sacred feminine of the breasts and womb in the text of the Genesis 49. prophecy for the future days. Womb 53, vesica piscis 53. The Israelite Samaritan Pentateuch has MOTHER AND father in the blessing. The House of Israel followed the divine feminine. Ephraim was Joseph’s son, and another name for Samaria = 59 in Jewish ordinal.. Ephraim = 43, 38, 70, 119. 40 and 67 in Jewish ordinal and reduced and Bacon’s. 223 in English extended but I don’t usually pay attention to that.

          Queen of heaven = 213.

          • Sshev on November 23, 2020 at 5:13 pm

            Saturn the Sun = 180 and 144 that gives Sumerian 1080 the moon radius, and 864 reverse sumerian. I believe they used to have the sun’s diameter as 864, 000 miles. It is said that Saturn was the original Sun. So 864 may also mean Saturn. 144 time in Jewish.

          • Sshev on November 24, 2020 at 7:57 am

            The Bengals 93 and 119
            Saturn 93 and 119
            in the same ciphers

          • Rambo on December 3, 2020 at 2:06 pm

            Along those lines; I left this out of the decode so as not complicate it: Like the Yin-Yang that has a white spot in the black Yin, and a black spot in the white Yang, opposites will have elements of each other in themselves. So Burrow is Jupiter but has the Saturn elements you pointed out. SATURN = 93 and 42. Burrow was born in Ames, Iowa on the 93 meridian and 42nd parallel.

          • Sshev on November 24, 2020 at 9:07 am

            Coronavirus 56 , 155
            Saturn the Black 56 single , 155
            Saturn the black Sun 56, 106

            Saturn the black cube 177 Jewish ordinal/Bacon’s Simple
            The Bengals 177 reverse ordinal

    • Sshev on November 19, 2020 at 4:58 pm

      Cedric Benson = 666 in Sumerian like the age 36 I mentioned in my other post. He was also 106 in Jewish/Bacon’s that goes with the 59 in my other post. 59 when in in Jewish Ordinal is “the black”. We know the list that seems to go with 59.

    • Rambo on November 22, 2020 at 8:17 pm

      Anthony C Davison, Great 165! I missed that! I’ll include it next time and give you credit!
      Nice 88 as well. Mercury rules transportation. 88 yrs is the orbital period of the planet Mercury around the Sun. That’s why they use 88 mph; a Mercury reference. Someone pointed out to me that MERCURY = 1228 in English Extended. 12-28 is C Benson’s birthday. So many similar elements with BTTF. There is a whole “reset” theme going on in the world.

      The Ben Roethlisberger bike crash is a great addition as well! I completely forgot about that one. It happened on a date in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury the “god of transportation.”
      12-6 is like 1-26 the date of Kobe Bryant’s death. KB’s death was equidistant between Shaq’s last b’day and the Pope’s next birthday: Shaq went to LSU Tigers just like Joe Burrow. Shaq = Pisces, Pope = Sagittarius.
      Great work. You are very helpful. Thanks for supporting!

  4. AnthonyCDavison on November 19, 2020 at 6:23 am

    Also interesting: The Great Conjunction will take place 126 days after the anniversary of Benson’s death. Some 13 years before Benson died, Big Ben was involved in a motorbike crash on 6/12, or “12/6” as we would write it here in the UK:

    I couldn’t see anything immediately significant in relation to the two accidents, except that 8/17 is a span of 67 days after 6/12 and that “Human Sacrifice,” “Blood Sacrifice” and “Motorbike Crash” all sum to 67 in full reduction.

    • Sshev on November 19, 2020 at 6:29 pm

      Bike 27 and 81 and Rutual 27, 81. Cycle = 87 rev Ordinal, 74 Gematrinator’s Francis Bacon, 223 Satanic.

      • Sshev on November 20, 2020 at 6:00 am

        Cycle crash 56, 95 (509 prime or 59)

  5. Sshev on November 19, 2020 at 8:48 am

    So Tiger Woods is a Capricorn = 56 and 97 that fits as the 97th prime is 509. 59 seems to be tied a lot to people who are black. The Francis Bacon is 123 like conspiracy, and there is a 47 in Jewish reduced and Bacon’s short cipher. The Mason’s compass setting. Add Sagittarius Capricorn again the 97 reduced. 137 the 33 prime and 241 the 53 prime. 53 is gender, and also the vesica piscis = 53 and is represented by the number 153. Womb = 53. 153 is also a number in Jesuit Order.
    Capricorn is a goat. Goats are used in the Day of AtonementS ritual. It is called ATONEMENTS because 1 goat can atone for many people. A LAMB can only atone for the unintentional sin of a single person. That is why you won’t get a Jew to believe Jesus as a lamb fulfilled any sacrifice law for multiple people. yō·wm י֧וֹם
    hak·kip·pu·rîm הַכִּפֻּרִ֣ים taken straight from the Hebrew text of Leviticus 23:27 shows Yom the day and Hakkipurim of the atonements. IM makes a word plural. It is not Day of Atonement in the Hebrew Bible.
    This is the day when one GOAT can atone for the sins of all the people. No lamb. There are two goats. One is sent off into the wilderness alive with everyone’s sin that the priest prays on its head. The scapegoat takes the blame. It is called Azazel, or the goat for Azazel. In our ordinal cipher Azazel = 71. Some believe it goes to the fallen angel Azazel in the wilderness. Atonements = 36 (666 triangular number), 54, 126 ( prime 701, or 71) and 144. Kkippurim in the Hebrew = 910, 350, 71, 17. the yom Hkkippurim in Hebrew = 1531, or 153 with the -1 rule of colel, 411, 105, 33. In my Sir Francis Bacon’s ciphers Day of the Atonements = 73 and 199. Plus 1 in the Jewish ciphers for the y. Atonements day = 156 the prime 911. The second goat had to be killed at the Temple for a blood sacrifice.. Jesus didn’t die at the Temple.
    KILL = 17, 28, 44, 64 and in Bacon’s 14 and 41. Goat = rule of colel 1 offs 16, 43, and 65, but 41 and 14 in Bacon’s and Jewish. Mask = 17 single, 28, 44, 64 and 14 and 41 like kill.
    Goats = 17, 28, 62 and 73, and 59 in Bacon’s/Jewish ordinal. Kill is 59 in Jewish. Masks 59 in Jewish ordinal and bacon’s. Azazel is 115 in Hebrew. So no, Jesus as a lamb of god couldn’t take away the sins of the world. People have been had by the Romans who wrote the New Testament. If John the Baptist was a Jew, he wouldn’t have called Jesus a lamb. The rule for a lamb as a sacrifice was that it had to be a FEMALE. The laugh is on the gentiles for believing what the Romans passed on to them. More and more it looks like the Piso family had many laughs in the New Testament. I would bet no Jew wrote that stuff.

  6. Roxi on November 21, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Hey Rambo. I’m not really the call in type, way to nervous to speak in front of that many people. But I’ve been trying to find a way to share that on 6/4/1919 woman’s right to vote was passed. The 100 year anniversary was 6/4/2020. 6/4 also written 4/6 46. Important I think and tied in with Kamala and Biden’s run. First female VP and all. Also with Isis being 56 and everything you have broken down with the feminine ritual at play.

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