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Curfews are being declared in cities across the nation, large and small.  This is happening Sunday, May 31, 2020, a date with 76 numerology.

5/31/2020 = 5+31+20+20 = 76

This comes on the 99-year anniversary of the Tulsa race riots in Oklahoma.

They occurred on a date with 76 numerology as well.

5/31/1921 = 5+31+19+21 = 76

Read more about the Tulsa Race Riots here:

As you read those notes, notice the significance of 44. Of course, George Floyd was kill by 44-year-old Derek Chauvin on the 44th Parallel North.

In light of this coming on the 99-year anniversary, read about 99 and the George Floyd killing, in light of Eric Garner:

Read about Floyd Mayweather’s ritual on the 99-year anniversary of the riots that lasted May 21, 1921 and June 1 of that year:

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