CNN compares Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to Russia’s invasion of Prague in 1968, March 9, 2022, the 68th day of the year

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This was published by CNN on the 68th day of the year, March 9, 2022, comparing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to what happened with Russia’s invasion of Prague in 1968. And let us not forget this conflict was setoff on February 22, 2022, the Pope’s 68th day of his age.
Catholicism = 68
Solar System = 68
Mathematics = 68

Notice the date was August 21, 1968.
Holy Roman Empire = 218

August 21 leaves 132-days in the year.
Catholic Church = 132
Roman Catholic = 132

Who wants to research the alignment with the Pope, Superior General, leader of Russia, and leader of Prague at the time? Cheers!


  1. GregRamsey74 on March 10, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    “Prague” = 68 (English Ordinal)

    Putin’s 16th birthday came on the 48th day of the Prague Invasion in ’68.

    “Sixteen” = 39 (Reverse Full Reduction)(this news on 3/9)
    “Russia” = 48 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    The Prague Invasion also came 47-days after Putin’s birthday.

    “President” = 47 (Full Reduction)
    “Government” = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Authority” = 47 (Full Reduction)
    “Francis” = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Vatican” = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    “Russia Invades Prague” = “Iesus Hominum Salvator” = 85 (Full Reduction) = 122 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    Prague ’68 came a span of 119-days from the birthday of Pope Francis.

    “Vatican” = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Francis” = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “All Seeing Eye” = 119 (English Ordinal)

    This year will mark 54-years since the Prague Invasion.

    “Jesuit Order” = 54 (Full Reduction)

    February 22nd is a span of 181-days from the anniversary of the Prague Invasion.
    -181, the 42nd prime

    “War” = 42 (English Ordinal)
    “Jesuit” = 42 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    February 22nd also came 185-days after the last Prague Invasion anniversary.

    “Catholicism” = 185 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Mathematics” = 185 (Reverse Ordinal)

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