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  1. Asif Zaman on November 7, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    Hospital (reverse reduction): 44
    Kill (English ordinal): 44
    Military (reduction): 44

    Long before COVID, hospitals have been known as filthy places where people get sick and die. They don’t cure diseases; they manage them, as another tentacle comprising the Jesuit octopus.

    Hospitals (English ordinal): 119
    Star of David (English ordinal): 119
    Vatican (reverse ordinal): 119
    119, a hint at 9/11.
    I wonder what the Jesuits have in store for tomorrow, 9/11 as internationally written and 11/9 as per American conventions.

    Coronavirus, the medical 9/11 where the Jesuits take things to a whole new level, 19 years after 9/11 with the 19 hijackers. 222 months to the day of that false flag. I finally got around to reading “Number Games: 9/11 to Coronavirus,” and I plan on finishing the book by Thursday. I just finished chapter eight earlier tonight. You are an amazing writer, Zach. I am looking forward to “Illuminati Confirmed: The Jesuit Order” (2021). Peace be upon you, friend.

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