CNN | John Roberts has lost control of the Supreme Court, September 2, 2021

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit News

11:58. Get it?

They’re really emphasizing that 5-4 decision, and putting it on John Roberts.

Notice how his name overlaps with Jesuit Order and John Carroll (who founded Georgetown at age 54 in 1789)

54 / 63 / 144 / 153

Keep in mind ‘Mark of the Beast’ equates to 54 and 144 in the same ciphers, and Texas passed 666 laws on September 1. Read more about that here.

Furthermore, his full name equates to 251, the 54th prime.

And for another point, the decision with on his 218th day of his age, and today is 218 days after his birthday.
Holy Roman Empire = 218

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