CNN mocks its audience with footage of a Russian missile hitting a building in Kyiv, February 26, 2022, the anniversary of the ’93 WTC bombing (WTCs were hit by missiles, not planes on 9/11)

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You have to love the 47-second time stamp on the missile hitting the building story, what a mockery!
Osama bin Laden = 47

Recall, the U.S. government simulated al-Qaeda attacking the U.S. with missiles 102-days before the 102-minute attack, June 1, 2001, with project Amalgam Virgo. And prior to 9/11, we never knew “commercial planes” could explode like missiles when they hit their targets.

And if you don’t follow, the only things used on 9/11 were missiles. All of the planes were made up stories. That’s why the details of each attack make absolutely zero sense. And if you don’t know this, shame on you. It means you never did your homework. It’s also why big tech has scrubbed the web of all the information that clearly exposed the FACT no planes were involved in the 9/11 attack, only missiles.

For the clincher, this story comes on February 26, the 29-year anniversary of the ’93 WTC bombing.
Manhattan = 29

Read about Operation Amalgam Virgo:

Read this related story about “Putin’s false flag 119-days after his birthday:

Don’t forget CNN broke the footage of a plane hitting the second tower on 9/11…

Never forget FALLING DOWN released February 26, 1993.


  1. Miami Boy on February 26, 2022 at 8:32 am

    Even if it was planes, 2 planes hit 3 buildings?
    No plane at Pentagram-agon or Shankville..

  2. ceepup on February 26, 2022 at 5:09 pm

    All these fallen and going down terms
    Car Was Album by group Rolls Royce album released 9/13/1976 song, “I’m going down” track 12. length is 3:37
    Mary J. Blige song, I’m Goin’ Down released 1/18/1995

    Lil Peep &XXXTENTACION had a song, “Falling Down Release Date 1/19/2018 song is 3:17 minutes.

    Movie *Fallen released 1/16/1998 starring actor Denzel Washington: A serial killer has been on the loose in Philadelphia, but Detective John Hobbes (Denzel Washington), has brought him to justice. Now, during his last hours on death row awaiting his inevitable date with the gas chamber, the mass murderer cryptically tells Hobbes, “What goes around really goes around.” Shortly thereafter, he begins to sing “Time Is on My Side” as he’s taken on his last walk. Minutes later, the State of Pennsylvania has carried out the execution and Edgar Reese is dead. But for Hobbes, the nightmare is just beginning, because Reese wasn’t a normal psychopath – he was the host body for a mythical dark angel named Azazel. And, with Reese’s death, Azazel is free to hop from body to body.

  3. ceepup on February 26, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    The Long Kiss goodnight” this movie literally predicted the whole 9/11 incident Release date
    October 11, 1996 Movie is 120 minutes long starring Geena Davis Samuel Jackson: World Trade Center Bombing, remember during the trial of the bombers the Cia had advanced knowledge.
    Samuel Jackson said: Your gonna fake some terrorist thing just to scare some money out of Congress. Oh, blame it on the Muslims, naturally.


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