CNN shows Trump under an umbrella as top story the morning of Barack Obama’s birthday, August 4, 2023 (and the August 3 day in court)

Elections Federal Government Legal Predictive Programming Secret Societies
Donald John Trump=185 (Look at the number on the Wells Fargo) *Catholicism=185 *Mathematics=185

This is CNN’s front page the morning of August 4, 2023, Barack Obama’s 62nd birthday.

Notice it is Jesuit educated Donald Trump under an umbrella for the photo on 8/4.
United States of America = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
*Umbrella = 84
*Jesuit = 84

The Jesuits are symbolized through an umbrella, because they infiltrate and take things down within.

Don’t overlook the parallels with Trump and Reagan, from MAGA to both being Hollywood actors. In the case of Ronald Reagan, he was President in ’84. That was the year the US made diplomatic relations with the Vatican (1984 — Orwell’s warned about year).

And to take it further.
Umbrella = 132
Catholic Church = 132
Roman Catholic = 132
United States of America = 132

*132 rooms in the White House

Remember, the US was named on September 9, 1776, a span of 132 days from the establishment of the Illuminati, May 1 of that year — and the Illuminati was founded by Jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt.

And remember what happened to Jesuit educated, Antonin Scalia, on the 44th day of the year, in the time of Obama, #44?

He died on 13/2, and his body was on displayed in repose at the Supreme Court on February 19.
Roman Catholic = 132 & 219 (13/2 & 2/19 dates)
Antonin Scalia = 132 & 219

He was the first US Supreme Court Justice who was Roman Catholic, and he was appointed by Reagan after his 1984 re-election. He also survived an assassination.
Abraham Lincoln = 84

Also, don’t forget the divisors of 44 sum to 84, and 44 has been fateful for many, including US Presidents, where the first to die in history, died on April 4 (4/4) (William Henry Harrison), and the latest was JFK, the 44th term US President. So think about that in light of these three very relevant men to the White House. There was Obama, there was Trump, and then there was Obama’s VP, Joe Biden.
Obama was #44
Trump was the 44th person to be US President
Joe Biden = 44 (Gematria)

Think of MLK’s execution on 4/4 in ’68. Think of ‘Barack Obama,’ #44.
Barack Obama = 68

Think about how the nation’s first major gun control came 201 days after MLK’s assassination in ’68, and 139 days after RFK’s, also in ’68.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Presidents inaugurated on the 201st day of the nation’s age, 20/1 (Jan. 20)
Central Intelligence Agency: United States of America = 201
Founded on the Pope’s 201st day of his age
Catholic Pope = 201 (who the Jesuits serve)
CIA = 68
Barack Obama = 68
Donald John Trump = 68
Catholicism = 68
Mathematics = 68
Solar System = 68
Helios = 68

Think about how often these numbers are on the reported mass shootings.
Shooting = 44
Execution = 44
Gunfire = 44

And notice the narrative they have set up, with Trump being in D.C. and pleading not guilty on August 3, or 8/3, like 83. CNN fears that we will have to see Trump in court all throughout the election.
Election = 83
The Donald = 83
Leap Year = 83

Recall, Jack Smith was appointed on November 18, 2022, the 322nd day of the year, the number of Order 322, or Skull and Bones, and the anniversary of Adam Weishaupt’s death.

Today, August 4, leaves 149 days in the year. And DC is the (202) area code.
Skull and Bones = 149 & 202
Jack Smith = 149

Also, don’t forget Donald Trump is 77-years-old right now.
Washington DC on 77th Parallel
Secret Society = 77
United States = 77
*Theater = 77

Who can forget Flight 77 while the Skull and Bones guy, King George II was US President (Bush)?

Update: For the afternoon it is Trump descending, just before the sun begins its descent for the day.

Notice the emphasis on ‘intercede.’

‘Intercede’ goes with the August 3 court appearance.

Keep in mind August 3 was 50 days after Trump’s birthday, and 229 days after the Pope’s.
229, 50th prime
Donald = 50
America = 50
Washington = 50

This is divisive theater for a nation.
America = 50 (50 states)

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