CNN writes Biden’s top VP choice should be Elizabeth Warren, April 18, 2020

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Last time CNN wrote about this subject, it was Kamala Harris ranked #1, with Elizabeth Warren in the top 5.  And like I said then, if it wasn’t Kamala, it would be Elizabeth.  Remember, senile Joe, if he becomes president, is bound to die in office, making the VP the 47th President.  Elizabeth would fit the bill in this way.

Don’t forget Joe was the 47th VP to Obama, who took office at age 47.

*President = 47; White House = 47 *Government = 47 *Authority = 47 *D.C. = 47

Also, the title ‘President Elizabeth Warren’ sums to 277, the 59th prime, and this will be the 59th U.S. Presidential selection (there are no elections).

This news comes 43-weeks after Liz’s birthday.

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