CNN writes why ‘Superb Owl’ is commonly buzzing at the time of the ‘Super Bowl’ with a totally B.S. explanation prior to Super Bowl 56

Jesuit News Secret Societies Sports

As you read this, recall when Anderson Cooper held up a supposed children’s drawing of an owl, and claimed a 6-year-old only wanted police and military to have guns. That was after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, 56-years after the school was established in ’56.
Abrahamic = 56
Three = 56
Light = 56
-God makes light in Genesis 1:3
Society of Jesus = 56
Adam Peter Lanza = 56 (The blamed shooter)
-Illuminati established by a Jesuit (Adam Weishaupt)
-Think of the owl on the $1 bill with other Illuminati symbolism.

And here we are with this story just in time for Super Bowl 56…

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