CNN’s “The Color of Covid”, how it is impacting black communities, an April 18, 2020 special

Coronavirus Racism

“The Color of Covid” will debut April 18, 2020, a date with 42 numerology. What a date to cover coronavirus and the black race…

4/18/20 = 4+18+20 = 42

And the list goes on…

Speaking of which, let us not forget the death of Don Lemon’s sister, L’Tayna, since he is the main host of this event. She died on #42’s birthday, Jackie Robinson, the same day as Oscar Gamble and Rasual Butler, all of whom were black.

Gamble died 42-days after his own birthday and played in MLB

Don’t forget when Idris Elba came down with the virus by the ‘slave’ numbers:

And notice the emphasis on ‘essential’.

Don’t forget all of this has to do with Acts 7:6 and Acts 7:7. *Slave = 76

And keep in mind it is the 18th of the month.