Coach K joins 76th NBA anniversary season during Playoffs, May 10, 2023, after Michigan State shooting on his 76th birthday

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Coach K joins NBA League Office at age 76, in 76th NBA anniversary season, while 76ers are playing Boston Celtics. And funny enough, the 76ers just had to huge tribute to Michigan State’s February 13 shooting, going with how in Coach K’s last game vs. Michigan State, he defeated the Spartans 85-76.
Mike Krzyzewski = 76

Duke = 41 (Michigan State scoring)
Blue Devils = 39, Michigan = 46 (Duke scoring)

Notice Michigan State stayed on 23 wins. Then the shooting to start ’23, on his 76th birthday…
Coach K = 23 & 41
King = 23 & 41
Duke = 41
LA = 41

Coach K & King James aka LeBron James, have history. 15 & 11 years back, they made “history.”

And King James and Magic Johnson, of the Lakers, who joined the Michigan State Spartans in college one year after the ’76 season, have a relationship as well. And yes, that means he joined in ’77, going with this being the 76th NBA anniversary season, and also the 77th pro basketball season.

This news broke May 10, 2023.

Notice, he turned 76 years old, the day of the Michigan State shooting, and his last game vs. Michigan State, the Spartans scored 76 points against him. That was March 20, or 3/20.
Roman Catholic Church = 320
-Catholicism has celebrated Jesus’ birthday on December December since 320 AD
-Remember what they did

*Coach K is from Chicago, where another basketball legend, MJ, has a 76 connection.
Michael Jordan = 76

This news came 86 days after Coach K’s 76th birthday. He might be enjoying his last 10 years.
Jesuits = 86 (The name NBA “Finals” began in ’86)
-The NBA Finals are approaching (June 1, 2023)

And don’t forget the NBA just paid tribute to the Michigan State shooting on May 7, or 5/7, like 57.
Michigan State = 57

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