Coach K’s farewell tour “had to end” with a Final Four appearance says CNN, March 26, 2022

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Werner = 83 (83rd Men’s College Basketball Tournament)

Never forget that Coach K advanced to his record 13th Final Four, March 26, 2022, exactly 41-days after his February 13 birthday.
41, 13th prime
Coach K = 41
Duke = 41

It was an easy call. Congrats to the winners.

This also happened on 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime.
Society of Jesus = 56

Of course, Duke is a Christian school.

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  1. GregRamsey74 on March 27, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    And what an even better story it would make if they had him beat rival North Carolina in the Final Four on the way to another National Championship. They’ve been teasing this for years and it’s never happened. Saint Peter’s would make a good story too seeing as how they are a Jesuit University and a big Cinderella. Maybe his farewell also has to end with a championship which would be his 6th, and 13 is the 6th prime number. K is also setting some amazing records right before he calls it quits. What a coincidence! Here is some interesting stuff I noticed at halftime of the Duke/Arkansas game as well.

    Duke led the RAZORbacks of Arkansas by 12-points at halftime, 12-days after the death of Scott Hall, aka RAZOR Ramon.

    The RAZORbacks were sitting on 33-points at the half.

    “Razor” = 33 (Full Reduction)

    Both teams combined for 78-first half points.

    “Razor” = 78 (English Ordinal)

    The RAZORbacks came in as the #4 seed, and the number 4 is associated with death, and RAZOR Ramon just recently died.

    The RAZORbacks came into this game having played 36-games on the season, and RAZOR Ramon died at the age of 63(36/63).

    This would have been Arkansas’s 29th win of the season on 3/26(3+26 = 29). Scott Hall was Razor Ramon in Pro Wrestling.

    “Scott Hall” = 29 (Full Reduction)

    Both teams came into this game with a combined 59-wins. Razor Ramon died on 3/14/2022. 3+14+20+22 = 59

    “Razor Ramon” = 59 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Kill” = 59 (Jewish)

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