College Basketball | Seeds #1 through #6 lose in same day for first time ever, February 26, 2022 (in huge Saturn-Ritual)

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Notice the writer of the article is Joe Lunardi, like lunar, where this one has A LOT to do with the moon.

So, #1 through #6 lost on Saturday, the day of the week named after Saturn, the 6th planet, and #1 Gonzaga lost to St. Mary’s while the moon is in Capricorn, which is the astrological symbol ruled by Saturn. Of course, Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun, and both ‘moon’ and ‘Mary’ have a Gematria value of 57, thus why #1 Gonzaga, the Jesuit School, lost to #23, St. Mary’s, with 57, on the 57th day of the year, February 26.

1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21
-21, 6th triangular number
-Saturn, 6th planet from the sun
-Saturn = 21
-Moon = 21
-Lunar = 21

And with regards to 57, it relates to how much of the moon can be seen from the earth, 57%.

As for #1-6 losing, and #9, if you add up the numbers they total 30, and Saturn is said to have a return of about 30-years.

The last time St. Mary’s beat Gonzaga was 154-weeks earlier.
Saturnalia = 154 (Celebration of Saturn)

Ignatius of Loyola = 231 (#23 beats #1)

And with regards to the day St. Mary’s won, it was March 12, the 71st day of the year, the day Ignatius of Loyola was made a Saint.

March 12, 71st day of the year

Gonzaga Bulldogs = 71
March Madness = 71

Keep in mind Duke and Baylor were the only top 10 teams to win on Saturday, and ESPN had this story up all day prior to the upsets, with Duke, #21, front and center.

Duke gave their opponent their 14th loss *Duke = 14

#21, front and center.
Saturn = 21 (Pythagorean) (Chaldean)
Saturn = 26 (Septenary) 21+5+0 = 26

Now think about March Madness, where the first tournament was won by the Catholic school Villanova over the Jesuit school Georgetown. These days, March Madness features 68-teams…

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