Columbus, Ohio I-71 shooting clearly synced with Gemini and in tribute to Polaris, March 11, 2022

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This shooting on I-71 North, which has closed down Polaris Parkway and Gemini Place, comes 71-days before the start of Gemini, and one day before the 71st day of the year.
The Society of Jesus = 71
Catholic = 71
-Columbus, Ohio = 54 / 153
-Jesuit Order = 54 / 153

Gemini = 39 (Columbus, Ohio on 39th Parallel North)

As for the Polaris reference, it has a 119-day rotational period, and today is 119-days after the Superior General’s birthday, Arturo Sosa, born November 12, 1948.
Vatican = 119
Francis = 119

North Star = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Pope = 56

According to “Fraternal Order of Police” Capital City Lodge President Jeff Simpson…

Of course the FOP’s logo is a star.

Today, March 11, is a great day to pay tribute to the “universe.”
Universe = 113

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