Commanders begin 2022 campaign by searching list of 42 QBs, March 2, 2022 news

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On March 2, 2022, this headline emerged.
NFL = 32
America = 32
Scottish = 32
32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo
-32nd Degree, Jesuits and Masons

As for the “42 potential players,” remember, the Redskins, errr Football Team, was renamed the Commanders in February, on the day the “Commander in Chief” deployed troops to Ukraine.
Commanders = 42
February = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42
Georgetown = 42

And don’t forget the Redskins were the first team to win a Super Bowl with a black starting QB, winning with 42 points. Jackie Robinson would have been proud…

Also, RIP to #42, Charley Taylor, who died February 19, 2022.

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