Corona beer stops production, April 3, 2020, due to coronavirus outbreak & new rules in Mexico

Coronavirus News

This news comes Friday, April 3, what is typically the 93rd day of the year.  Notice, the story relates to Mexico shutting down production.

Of course, 93 relates to the distance of the sun from the earth, said to be 93 million miles away, and the term ‘corona’ relates to a solar eclipse.  On this same day, the news has broken of Bill Withers’ death, the man who sang “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”.  Keep in mind, 93 also connects to ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

The word ‘production’ also fits in.

*Beer = 30 *Corona = 30

The 8.9% and 24% stats are funny.

*89, the 24th prime

And you have to appreciate the name ‘Constellation Brands’.  There must be an astrological joke here, perhaps going over my head.