COVENTRY | Where the first vaccines in the U.K. were given on December 8, 2020, in a very Jesuit & Satanic joke

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This occurred on the 40 year anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. Imagine that.

Notice, the first woman to receive the vaccine, Margaret, is being referred to as ‘Maggie Keenan’. Thus, we have another 56.

Read more about 56 and the ‘coronavirus’ all over this site, there’s A TON!

As for William Shakespeare, the mockery is thick there. Notice how it also equates to ‘Society of Jesus’, equating to 79 and 187.

*William = 79

*The Pandemic was declared on Anthony Fauci’s 79th day of being 79 years old, and he is a member of the Society of Jesus. *Anthony Fauci = 56/187

And in light of Shakespeare being a wordsmith, this first vaccine was given in Coventry, a word relating to excluding certain people…

Furthermore, notice the name ‘Maggie’ equates to 42 and 30, the same as ‘vaccine’, and reminding us of Mr. 42, Bill Gates, as well as Donald Trump announcing his ‘Operation Warp Speed’ 30 days from his birthday.

To take it further, notice how ‘England’ and ‘vaccine’ stack up.

Bill Gates = 57 *Moderna news on May 7, or 5/7

Ninety = 33 *Maggie = 33 *Corona = 33

Furthermore, the name of the nurse is May Parsons, equating to 42 and 57.

As for ‘University Hospital’, it connects with ‘The Society of Jesus’, 224.

*The Society of Jesus = 71 *Coventry, England = 71 *Catholic = 71

Read about Moderna’s vaccine, the first Jesuit Pope, Francis, and 224:

*Jewelry shop assistant = 118 *Death = 118
Jewelry shop assistant = 262 *University Hospital = 262 *Faustian Bargain = 262

Every article is mentioning the time of the shot, 6:31 AM, the 391st minute of the year. And keep in mind 6:31 is like 631, the 115th prime number.

*Killing = 115 *Masonic = 115 *France = 115

Read about the number 115, the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite:

*Scottish Rite = 57 *Georgetown = 57 *Vaccine = 57

For another 115, it is ‘Bill and Melinda Gates’.

*Margaret Keenan = 83 *Murder = 83 *Margaret = 38 *Death = 38

67 million? Keep in mind the vaccine began on December 8, the day leaving 23 days in the year. *Wuhan = 67 / 23

*Blood Sacrifice = 67 *Human Sacrifice = 67

*Satanic = 67/22 *Wuhan = 67/22

*Margaret Keenan = 83 (23rd prime) *Murder = 83

-The British band The Police put out Murder by Numbers (song) in ’83

The number 67 also connects to Shakespeare, who said “All the world’s a stage.”

67 is the 19th prime number. *Chaos = 19 *Covid-19???

A Jesuit tactic is ‘order out of chaos’.

And notice how ‘Coventry’ fits in, where the shot was given.

It also equates to 94, a huge number with the agenda, much of it coming out of Seattle, Washington and Davos, Switzerland.

Seattle, Washington = 94 *Davos, Switzerland

*Bill Gates father dead at 94 on September 14, 2020

Read about Bill Gates Decade of Vaccines, January 29, 2010 and the number 94 (as well as 129):

And notice how May Parsons, the nurse who gave the first vaccine, fits in.

Bill Gates “decade of vaccines” was declared on 1/29, January 29th… 10 years ago… 2010…

Of course they had to get 42 year old Matt Hancock in the article, the big vaccine volunteer — a true Elvis of his time:

The military is involved in the U.K. as well, just as it will be in the U.S., because this is truly a MILITARY / NATIONAL SECURITY RELATED AGENDA (the surveillance grid).

And you have to love that William Shakespeare is 81 years old, the ‘ritual number’. *Ritual = 81 / 81


  1. Aaravos on December 8, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    In case you come across any 238s today is exactly 238 lunar months after 9/11/2001. Breaking news Everest is 3 ft higher than previously thought

  2. skeptic on December 8, 2020 at 1:58 pm

    I wouldn’t celebrate too much just yet. Why is this fact not being mentioned on MSM? You’d think all the politicians and the numerous doctors we hear daily might have said something about this. Of course they are all so very busy- obfuscating and prevaricating relentlessly.

  3. PieceItogether on December 8, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Found some other links too:

    December 8th is the day with 23 Days remaining in the year:
    Jab: 23

    Media referred to it as “Coventry Hospital”.
    Coventry Hospital: 222

    222 like:
    COVID Vaccines: 222
    Wuhan Coronavirus: 222
    COVAX Initiative: 222
    Order Out of Chaos: 222
    Event Two Zero One: 222

    Coventry is in the West Midlands county:
    Coventry, West Midlands: 113
    Coronavirus Pandemic: 113
    Vaccination Records: 113
    Vaccination Medical Record: 113

    Address of hospital:
    9 Clifford Bridge Road: 111
    Vaccination: 111
    Clifford Bridge Rd: 94
    Coronavirus Pandemic: 94

    UK Post Code: CV2 2DX = 23, like Jab.

    Media also been focussing on how Maggie Keenan is a ’90-year-old’:
    Ninety-year-old: 68, 67
    COVID-Nineteen: 67, 68

    She was heavily quoted by the media as saying: “If I can do it, so can you”
    “If I can do it, so can you”: 86
    Coronavirus Vaccine: 86

    William Shakespeare also equals 110, like:
    William Shakespeare: 110
    COVID Vaccine: 110
    Immunisation Programme: 110
    Digital Identification: 110
    Medical Record: 110
    Wuhan Flu: 110
    Authoritarianism: 110

    The NHS provided the Vaccine:
    The National Health Service: 110

    Some more 79’s:
    Virus Vaccine: 79
    Medical Record: 79

  4. Aaron on December 8, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    I think the biggest poke in the eye is the picture of ol’ william with the caption “The taming of the flu”. I thought that was what the flu shot was for? Whoever is writing these articles must be grinning ear to ear, I can practically hear the giddiness through my computer.

  5. Aaravos on December 8, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    You’ve documented the thing about Psalm 46 and William Shakespeare. Pretty funny that “Psalm” = 201 Jewish just like “Mars” “Apollo” and “Tiger”. Maggie’s full name is “Margaret Keenan” = 133 reverse “Margaret” = 133 ordinal

  6. k1 on December 8, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    We Hold The Truth = 187
    Thy Scottish Rite=187
    Society of Jesus=187

    Reigning The Pyramids= 221
    They Reign at the Light=221
    Thee Reign of thy Light=221
    The Bavarian Illuminati=221

    Riegning= 56
    Watching You=56
    They Control=56
    Masonic Ritual=56

  7. LizHennessy99 on December 8, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    In addition to Wuhan=67
    All the worlds a stage=67
    There is also:
    December Eight=67
    Ninetely Year Old=67

    Covid Vaccine=56 (Pythagorean)
    Covid Vaccine= 110 (simple English-just like all the 110 references to 9/11 and George Floyd)

  8. David G. Olsen on December 8, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    I think I know why 129 is an important number to the Gates crew. As you may remember, Mary Maxwell Gates died on a day with 129 numerology. In the most pure cipher, Gates= 16
    The Acronym AMDG (Ad major em Dei gloriam)=16 in the same cipher. In Francis Bacon, AMDG=129.

  9. Ballygobackwards on December 8, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    William Shakespeare the guy who got the vaccine in Warwickshire. That’s 20 miles from where the other William Shakespeare was from., (Like, 2020). The woman, Margaret Keenan was Patient 1A…. was Shakespeare 2B? 2B or not 2B…lol.
    Is this the “Taming of the flu?”. LOL

  10. AnthonyCDavison on December 10, 2020 at 11:35 am

    I can’t remember a single day when my intelligence was insulted with such frequency and such intensity by MSM as 8th December 2020:

    1. 1st COVid Vaccine in

    2. The first Brit to get The Shot on the anniversary of the most famous Brit to GET shot, getting shot:
    This “First shot” was given in Coventry=40 on 8/12/20=40 on the 40th anniversary of John Lennon=173 (born in 1940) being shot at age 40 173 days after Paul McCartney’s birthday:

    Coventry is where he and Yoko made their first public appearance:

    3. William Shakespeare=110
    Covid Nineteen Vaccine=110

    One of Shakespeare’s more remembered lines is “If you prick us do we not bleed…if you poison us do we not die?” Delivered by Shylock the Jew in The Merchant of Venice


    12/8 reminds of his Sonnet 128 containing references to “Chips” “Changing their state” and “Dead Wood”

    4. Maggie being vaccinated by May

    Reminds of the song “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart: The vaccination took place 333/33 days from his birthday.
    Also the 2 women to be UK Prime Minister are Maggie Thatcher and Theresa May

    5. Matt Hancock called it “V-Day”=56
    MSM referred to it as the start of the “COVID Vaccine Blitz” – This is mockery because Coventry is known for the “Coventry Blitz”=65 in WWII

    Apologies for the essay but from my my point of view “V-Day” was as thick with mockery as it gets.

    Hope you and other members of the community find these findings useful.

  11. Trampler on March 15, 2021 at 1:57 am

    Today, the Ides of March, the Wordsmith’s word of the day is “coventry”.
    noun: A state of ostracism.

    After Coventry, a city in central England. It’s unclear how Coventry developed this sense. One conjecture is that Royalist prisoners were sent there during the English Civil War. Earliest documented use: 1691. Also see stellenbosch.

    “When I was about twelve, all the girls at school stopped talking to me … I arrived at school and gradually realized that I had been sent to Coventry. It made me miserable, so upset.”
    Rowan Coleman; The Day We Met; Ballantine; 2015

  12. AnthonyCDavison on May 25, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    William Shakespeare, the first man in the world to be vaccinated dead 405 years 4 weeks and 5 days after the real Shakespeare died and 197 days from the anniversary of his vaxxing (last tweet on thread)

    • AnthonyCDavison on May 25, 2021 at 8:21 pm

      5 months 4 days after the Great Conjunction and the day before the Lunar Eclipse:

      Lunar Eclipse=54/189


      Great Conjunction=189

      (Shakespeare’s First Folio published in 1623: the year of the closest Great Conjunction before 21/12/20)

      Shakespeare got the vaxx 13 days before the Conjunction and died 169 days after getting jabbed – 13×13=169

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