Cowboys honor 54 year old Markus Peters with 54 yard touchdown, Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020

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Notice his birthday is April 1, or 4/1, like 41, and he was a coach for ‘Dallas’.

He was born in Orlando, Florida, where the NBA championship was won by ‘King James’, exactly 41 weeks after his birthday, October 11, 2020, and of course, LeBron James favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. *10/11/20 = 10+11+20 = 41
*From the Lakers winning the NBA Finals to his death was a span of 46 days. *Sacrifice = 46 *LeBron became 4-6 in Finals in 2020

He died before the Thanksgiving day games, where both teams won with 41 points, on November 26, 2020, a date with 41 numerology. Keep in mind, one of those teams was the Houston Texans, reminding of the folded NFL franchise, the ‘Dallas’ Texans, who became the Kansas City Chiefs.

11/26/2020 = 11+26+(2+0+2+0) = 41 *Dallas = 41

This was the first Thanksgiving for Washington as the ‘Football Team’, a name change from Redskins. Notice it also sums to 41.

41, 13th prime *USA = 41 (America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys)

*Dallas = 13/41

In light of him dying at 54, it is important to note that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman brought up his death at 54, and then just moments later, the Dallas Cowboys scored a 54 yard touchdown.

And keep in mind, until this season, they were the Washington ‘Redskins’, a nickname equating to 54, and a number familiar to their rituals, playing out of the most Jesuit city in the nation, Washington D.C.

He died Wednesday, November 25, 2020, a date with 56 numerology, as well as 76. Of course, 56 connects to the Jesuits, and 76 connects to the ongoing riddles with Acts 7:6, and black men.

11/25/20 = 11+25+20 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

And keep in mind it was Andy Dalton, in his 137th career game, who connected on the 54 yard touchdown, moments after the death of the 54 year old was mentioned. I bring up his 137th game because Markus Paul’s name equates to 137.

And don’t overlook that they were playing the team from D.C., the Jesuit stronghold.

Also, I don’t think CNN making this their headline story at the start of the Cowboys game was any coincidence.

And how about that 5-4 decision by the very Jesuit / Catholic Supreme Court?


  1. GregRamsey74 on November 26, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    He died on the 25th, and the next day, his team lost by 25 to their biggest rival. “M.P.” = 25 (Reverse Ordinal)

    Both teams came in with identical records at 3-7 on 11/26(11+26 = 37). “Rival” = 37 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    Washington improved to 4-7 against the D.C. “D.C.” = 47 (Reverse Ordinal) – Washington has won 47-games in the all time series.

    This was the 122nd game in the series ever. “Football Team” = 122 (English Ordinal)

    The next home win for Dallas vs Washington will be their 41st.

    “America’s Team” = 41 (Septenary)(Cowboys & Indians)
    “Nov. 25, 2020” = 41 (Reverse Ordinal)

    “America’s Team” = 54 (Single Reduction)

    “Play cowboys and indians” = 322 (Reverse Ordinal)

    This was the 10th meeting between these teams on Thanksgiving. 41-16(4+1+1+6 = 12) “Ten” = 12 (Full Reduction)

    “Markus Paul’s Sacrifice” = 97 (Jewish Reduction) – 97, 25th prime

    Washington scored 21 in the 4th quarter after Markus Paul’s murder.

    “Markus Paul’s Murder” = 231 (English Ordinal) – 231 is the 21st triangular number

  2. GregRamsey74 on November 26, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    Both games combined for 123-points. Washington/Dallas combined for 57(both “Conspiracy” numbers)

  3. Rhythmitician on November 26, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Not only did today’s two winning teams score 41 points each; the losing teams scored 25 and 16 respectively. 25+16=41

    • Rhythmitician on November 26, 2020 at 8:54 pm

      And the CNN headline appears next to a headline about indigenous people wanting their land back and Washington changed their name and mascot supposedly out of respect for indigenous people

  4. Cortex on November 30, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    The Cowboys #54 Jaylon Smith also caught an interception! Lol!

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