Esoteric Government Jesuit Police State Secret Societies Shooting
CPD = 58, Freemasonry = 58, Secret Society = 58

What I want to document is that this happened on Saturday, April 17, 2021, the 107th day of the year, and the helicopter was in the air for 107 miles.

From 12:03 to 1:36 is 93 minutes later. 93 relates to TIME.

And as we have been documenting, there have been several shooting (gun related) incidents connected to Columbus, Ohio in the national news since this same date. Of course, in gematria terms, ‘shooting’ equates to 107.

Ritual Sacrifice = 107

For more on what’s going on in Columbus, please read here.

And for one last point, April 17, 2021 left 258 days in the year, connecting to ‘number of the beast.’

Thus it was perfect for a ‘helicopter’ ritual, or a 666 ritual.

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