‘Cryptic writing’ found by police in the home of Phillip Adams, the ex-NFLer, now mass shooter, April 23, 2021 news

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Cryptic writing = 85
National Football League = 85

Read more about the NFL related killing here, on 4/7, in Rock Hill. *Rock Hill = 47 *Rock = 47

And notice this update comes on the 113th day of the year, April 23.

Of course, 113 is a number of deception from the Talmud.



  1. CJ Cheifer on April 24, 2021 at 9:13 am

    The more I try to do number sequencing calculations (because we can’t call anything “math” anymore as IT is “racist” per non other than Bill – Screw the World Over – Gates proclaims), the more I see these news stories catering to a Truthers’ takedown. Point in question is the “cryptic” notebook found. Zach, what you do is probably considered “cryptic” to them. I’m also doing something “cryptic” I suppose, in composing a calendar view of number sequencing with date calculations; which I believe Kabbalists use to decipher death dates of known people or relatives/friends of these known people in conjunction with Gematria. I will post this calendar for free in a blog somewhere soon, but funny thing is, I’m handwriting it in a notebook, because I don’t want it electronically stolen from my devices. I think Gematria in calendar format will help people see the correlations as well, and I personally would love to see your brilliance in calendar form (as my brain makes sense of information better when I see it grouped in a small organized cluster, like a block)! I will put a little Gematria in this calendar, but I’m not an expert in that field. Anyway, just wanted to comment that these news stories are trying to pit the public against Truthers, especially with what the post office is doing today. As of April 22nd, the postal service is searching our social media accounts using our IP addresses to (probably) determine pre-crime like in the movie Minority Report. If it’s any consulation to USA INC, I don’t have any guns or weapons of any kind in my home. But, like in Minority Report, a pair of “Lincoln Scissors” can be used as a weapon.

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