Damar Hamlin didn’t mean to “disrespect anyone” with his Travis Jesus jacket at Super Bowl 57, February 16, 2023 news

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Notice the emphasis on ‘disrespect anyone.’
Disrespect Anyone = 75
Eternal = 75

Eternal is the word on the back of the jacket, with the goofy Jesus drawing. And keep in mind in the game, Patrick Mahomes got his 75th career win.

Furthermore, 87 was the number that brought both teams together in the Abe Lincoln Bowl.
Disrespect Anyone = 87
Philadelphia Eagles = 87
Travis Kelce, #87
Slavery = 87
Abe Lincoln = 87

And as for the word ‘blasphemy,’ it goes with the winning score, and the name of the jacket.
Travis Jesus = 163 (38th prime) (name of jacket)
Blasphemy = 38 (38 points was the winning score)
Lincoln = 38
Rihanna = 38

And as for the maker of the jacket, Takashi Murakami, his name goes with the ritual too. Keep in mind this was Super Bowl 57.
Takashi Murakami = 57
Hamlin = 57


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