Dan Wieden, the man who came up with Nike’s “Just Do It,” dies September 30, 2022

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The date can also be summed, 9+30=39.
Nike = 39

And it goes with him dying on the day that completes the first 39 weeks of the year.

Nike’s symbolism come from Saturn, and Dan Wieden has died on September 30, 2022.
9/30 date
Saturn = 93
2/14/1859 = 2+14+18+59 = 93 (Oregon’s date of establishment)
-Nike is in Oregon
-So was Dan Wieden

He also has died 208 days after his birthday. *Just Do It = 28


For the record, my mother cleaned Dan’s house for many years in Portland. And I know that his wife, who passed away years ago, loved to cheat at checkers. They were both very nice people, but this gives me the creeps.

Also, here are some finds from King Richard.
Jesuit Order = 153
The Illuminati = 153

And this is one to look more into.

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