Daryl Morey of the Philadelphia 76ers fined on June 7, 2021, for tampering with Steph Curry (NBA nonsense & narrative by the numbers)

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This news broke on June 7, or 7/6, like 76, about the 76ers president tampering with Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors (a team that is originally from Philadelphia). And notice the fine is for $75k, an interesting number because it is the 75th NBA season.


Game 7 of the NBA Finals is 45 days after June 7, 2021, on July 22, 2021.
-Ritual = 45
*-Jazz = 45
-Lead by #45, Donovan Mitchell
-Clippers just fell to 4-5 in the Playoffs, facing Jazz
-Moses Malone of Utah and Philadelphia died 213 days before Kobe’s last game, playing for the (213), against the Utah Jazz, April 13, 2016. Moses Malone died September 13, 2015.
-The NBA Finals = 213
-This is the 75th NBA Season *Kobe = 75


The player involved, Steph Curry, was born March 14, 1988, the date of the first “Pi Day”, relating to geometry, and Pi.
Geometry = 45

The news came 85 days after Steph Curry’s birthday.
-Basketball = 85
Curry = 85


  1. wrb on June 12, 2021 at 5:31 am

    Game 5 is projected for 18.July.21
    41 days from June 7th
    126 days from Pi Day
    Sounds like Kobe to me!@#$%^&*

  2. wrb on June 12, 2021 at 5:48 am

    Game 5 on 18.July.21 is of course …
    199th DOTY …46th prime and 157th DOT Ox
    This day is Tisha Bav = 134 or Ninth of Ave = 134
    …and their 134th all time match up
    Good luck!

  3. mellow-one on June 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    may be off topic but National Geographic just added a 5th ocean to the world map.. could be interesting to look into numerically

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