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Dead at 85? Notice he was born David Charles Prowse, a name equating to 85. And doesn’t it feel like we always have a Star Wars related death around the time of the Winter Solstice?

*Star = 58 *Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85

*David Prowse = 62 *Sacrifice = 62

Keep in mind he died on the day leaving 33 days in the year.

He also died on a date with 59 and 79 numerology.

11/29/20 = 11+29+20 = 59 *Kill = 59

11/29/2020 = 11+29+20+20 = 79 *Murder = 79

And for one last point, he died 187 days after the anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars, May 25, 1977.

1977 was 43 years ago. *Jesus Christ = 43 *Christ = 77


  1. AnthonyCDavison on November 30, 2020 at 4:40 am

    In the early hours of 11/28 I reminded the community that 1128 is the 47th Triangular Number:

    David Prowse was known as Dave Prowse=47.

    Darth Vader=47
    Star Wars=47 (S as 10)

    He died 7 months 4 days (span) from his birthday in “London”=74

    “I am your Father”=74
    (Vader’s most-remembered line which he actually never spoke in the films)

    There were 33 days remaining in the year when he died.

    Darth Vader worked for the “Empire”=33


    Furthermore, Prowse died 50 days from James Earl Jones’ birthday: Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader.

    Anakin=50 (Vader’s real name)
    Forty Seven=50


    Apologies for the longer-than-usual comment – I, like many people over 35 “grew up” with Darth Vader and Star wars and it feels “personal” when they sacrifice a character, silly as that might sound.

    Hope you find this useful.

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