David Stern named as NBA commissioner, November 16, 1983 news (33 years before Kobe’s End of Days cartoon on Comedy Central)

Biblical Death Murder by Numbers Sports

Recall, David Stern died right before Kobe Bryant.

*David Stern died 101 days after his birthday.
Philadelphia = 101
-In Kobe’s last game, the Lakers scored 101 (Kobe 60, the rest of the team 41)
-101 is the 26th prime *Kobe dead on 26th
*David Stern was also born on the day leaving 267 days in the year
-(267) is a Philadelphia area code

And notice he was named commissioner in 1983, the year Moses Malone won the NBA Finals, who died at 60, before Kobe finished his career against Malone’s original team, the Jazz, scoring 60.
*1983 Finals began 60 days after Moses Malone’s birthday (the MVP of those Finals)
Moses = 60
Holy = 60

Now come back to the date, November 16, 1983, the news for Stern becoming the next NBA commissioner. 33-years later, November 16, 2016, the End of Days cartoon would debut on Comedy Central, where Kobe Bryant dies.
Kobe = 33
Bible = 33
*Comedy Central, CC, 33

The King James Bible came out in 1611, the date was the 16th of the 11th month, or 16/11. And of course, King James, LeBron, won the NBA Finals 41 weeks after his birthday, shortly after Kobe’s death at age 41, on the Pope’s 41st day of his age.
Moses Malone = 41
Kobe Bryant = 41
King = 41

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