Dear Commander Lee | A request for those in authority to do what is right to stop the fascist agendas against the people of the world

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Hi Commander Lee (,

We met Monday outside the Fred Meyer.  I’m Zach Hubbard, the author and the man who had questions about the legitimacy of the shooting on February 7, 2022 in Richland, Washington at the same store.  I would appreciate talking to you because I am looking for the man on the inside who has the courage to help expose this ongoing federal agenda that will undermine our quality of life, for you and I, as well as our children, and everyone else.  As we both know, these agendas are made to undermine our liberties.
Please call me back when you get a chance, I want to discuss the initial reporting of a “38-year-old shooter killing a 38-year-old man on the 38th day of the year,” 322-days after the 3/22 shooting at the other Kroger store in Colorado, the 38th state, when Mr. Kroger himself died in 1938.  I have two books on this subject because like you, 2001 was a big year for me (I know you finished your military service that year, and I finished high school and was a freshman in college).  

We chose different paths however, you chose to serve the system, and I chose to break out of it and expose it, BECAUSE IT IS EVIL and it will hurt all of us if it is not stopped (as it is, day by day).  Of course, in 2001, I wasn’t fooled by the “national emergency on 9/11.”  And perhaps you didn’t know this, but you should look into 1968, when 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code, WTC construction began in New York, and George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones, in a graduating class of 911.  Of course, Skull and Bones is the 322 Society out of Yale and the heart of many sinister agendas, including “Covid-19,” coming 19-years after the supposed 19-hijackers and in line with how the occultist rulers operate by the 19-year cycle of the moon.

Thus, numbers are the language of the cabal, and it is why the reporting is that the Fred Meyer shooting happened at 11 AM, and the shooter was arrested 11 hours later on a federal interstate.  It goes along with why Skull and Bones member George H.W. Bush, gave his speech on September 11, 1990, 11-years to the day of the attack in New York, the 11th state, where the first plane that supposedly hit was Flight AA-11, into a building that looked like an 11.  If you haven’t heard about that speech, it is about a New World Order, and a world “freer of terror.”  The irony, that isn’t.

Instead it is a clever plan, executed in the code of ‘Kabbalah.’  And I can tell you much more, such as why there were once 2 World Trade Centers, before there was 0, before there was 1.  It goes along with why the latest Kroger shooting comes 201-days after the anniversary of the death of Mr. Kroger.  This is a number that is very relevant to the Roman Catholic Church and the orders that serve them, including Skull and Bones and the Jesuit Order.  Perhaps you know about Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation, just before the outbreak, put on by the Jesuit Klaus Schwab?  If not, it’s more to research.

Anyhow, I do hope you call me.  My number is (206) ***-****.  If people like you do not do what is right, eventually things will become very ugly in this country and it will only be stopped if people like you do the right thing, the people who have been granted the “authority,” unlike yours truly.  And please understand, I am not judging you.  I am only calling on you, a man who seemed reasonable and honest from our brief encounter.

Thank you,
Zachary K. Hubbard

PS I have attached my latest eBook for you to read, Number Games, 9-11 to Coronavirus.  If you are interested, I will hand deliver you a copy along with my new book that will be out this spring.  In the latest, you’ll be able to learn why Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit, died on the 322nd day of the year, November 18, 1830, 201-days after the anniversary of the establishment of his order, the Illuminati, just before the “American Revolution,” another part of our false history, that you have now become a part of.

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