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Dayvon Daquan Bennett, (August 9, 1994– November 6, 2020) known professionally as King Von, was an American rapper from ChicagoIllinois. He was signed to Lil Durk‘s record label, Only the Family and Empire Distribution. Dayvon Benett=64 RFR. Recall King Von’s album, in tribute to LeBron James, aka King James, from March 6, 2020, earlier this year. That album had a lot to do with 64, and now he has been killed November 6, the 311th day of the year, which is the 64th prime. His album cover shows 64 minutes on the clock, and the L.A. Lakers jersey number 64, which he is wearing. The original date for the start of the NBA Finals was supposed to be 6/4 (before covid-19). King Von claimed 64th street. 64 is related to killing, Kill=64 RO, Von spent most of his life in “Parkway Gardens”=64 FR, Joe Biden=64 EO (Von was killed at the same time Biden was being selected president). Uchenna Agina=64 RFR, Lil Durk’s former manager that was shot and killed. The album came out on March 6th, 2020, March 6th, like 36. FBG Duck=36 RFR. King Von had a lot of enemies, FBG Duck was one of them (allegedly), Duck claimed 63rd street. Duck has a song called “I’m from 63rd”, one media source claims 6 people were shot and 3 have died in the King Von incident. King Von has a song called “Not from 63rd”. Timothy Leeks=63 RFR aka Lil Tim, according to the police is the person who killed Von. Leeks is Quando Rondo’s partner a rapper from Georgia. Von was beating Rondo’s ass and Leeks ran up to Von and shot and killed him. The King Von footage of the shooting looks staged. Looks like both parties are in on it and they got the perfect camera angle. Duck raps “you a sacrifice (Von) he sent you to get bodied, basically he (Durk) just signed you over to the illuminati” Von is a sacrifice for Durk’s wealth and music. Durk allegedly got duck, black balled from the industry which means no major labels would sign him. Lil Durk=33 FR, Empire=33 RFR, Von was signed to OTF/Empire, Von was murdered in Atlanta on the 33rd parallel, and Von dropped dead 3 months and 3 days after Duck was killed. Police=33, allegedly it was an off-duty cop that killed Von. Von’s manager who survived getting shot, says it wasn’t the police who killed King Von. However, he did say Police did engage in a shootout with other armed individuals who were there. The rapper was one of three people who died as a result of gunshot wounds inflicted during the alteration. 3 people dead? When Duck got shot it was him and 2 others that got shot for another 3. In 2017 (3 years ago for another 3), the rapper’s brother FBG Brick was shot and killed on Chicago’s South Side. Police are more than likely responsible for the murder of all of these rappers. In Von’s incident “the Atlanta Police confirmed that officers were in the area at the time of the shooting and they approached after shots were fired”. The Internet and the streets always say it was just “some street shit” or “some street beef”. Yeah right, with the way these executions are done it’s not just some random niggas gangbanging doing the killing (that’s if these killings are even really real). From the way 2Pac, Biggie, The Jacka, Big L, Bankroll Fresh, XXXtentation, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, Tay Way, FBG Duck, King Von and many more are executed these are trained killers. No gangbanger is going to be this accurate with a weapon, notice the rappers never survive the shootings, also notice all these rappers are always talking this big gun talk, but when they need it the most they never seem to have it. The shooting of FBG Duck came as a shock on the upscale Gold Coast block lined with boutique shops, just off Michigan Avenue, where violence is usually rare. The epicenters of recent violence in Chicago have been mainly away from the downtown core on the city’s South and West Sides, where gang rivalries are more common. In October of 2020, Von‘s first proper studio album Welcome to O’Block=61 FR, Durk Banks= 61 RFR (Lil Durk), Nuski=61 RO Durk’s cousin that got killed, Jesus=61 RO was released. Just a week after the album’s arrival, King Von was shot in an incident outside of an Atlanta night club, in the early morning hours of November 6th. Levon James a play on Lebron James is the name of one of Von’s albums. It came out on 3/6/2020, the day I predicted Von’s death on a live stream with Zac. Recall the relationship between 36,66, and 666. 666 is the 36th triangular number. An album dedicated to the ‘king’, LeBron James, on the 66th day of the year?  Remember, LeBron James won his first NBA Finals in the 66th NBA season, that was shortened to 66 games. Pay attention to how many times, Lebron scores the 66th point of the game. Number of the Beast=66 FR, Lebron=66 EO, Lebron James=66 RFR, Lakers=66 EO, King=66 (Jewish), Only The Family=66 FR, Empire=66 EO, Only The Family, is Lil Durk’s record label, who Von was signed too. Empire is the distribution company. Lebron is the 1st player since 1966 to reach 6 NBA finals. Lebron wore the number 6 when he played for the Miami Heat. Lebron will end up with 6 NBA Titles before he retires. Only the Family is often called OTF. OTF=41 FR, Kobe Bryant=41 FR, The Levon James album came out a span of 41 days after Kobe dropped dead. L.A.=41. Kobe was 41 years old when he died, King=41 EO Who gets the most credit for bringing “Drill” to the mainstream? Chief Keef=41 RFR and one of his biggest songs is called Kobe. King Von was “unarmed=41 RFR”, but the 1st song on his new album “Welcome to O Block” is called armed and dangerous.  It is interesting to note that Pop Smoke has a song called armed and dangerous. Both of these rappers especially Von talked about guns and shooting niggas up more than any other rappers out at the moment. Interesting how neither had a weapon at the time they needed it most ( convicted felons can’t have guns but with all the enemies Von had and just the fact that a rapper drops dead every two weeks, there is no way he should leave home without it, period). I can’t think of any other rappers that rap more about guns than these two. We have been documenting the death of multiple rappers dropping dead every single month since Juice Wrld dropped dead. Ironically enough he also has a song called armed and dangerous. Von spent most of his life in Parkway Gardens=64 FR ( a low income housing project were Michelle Obama once lived it’s one of the most dangerous blocks in Chicago), Michelle was the first black 1st lady and the week Von got murdered, was on the week we get the first black female Vice President. Remember FBG Duck was shot and killed on Obama’s birthday at 4:40 in the Afternoon. Kill=44, Obama was the 44th President. Duck’s mom said he was shot over 20 times. Parkway Gardens aka “O’Block” is located at the corner of 64th and Martin Luther King Drive on the South Side of Chicago. He grew up as childhood friends with rapper Lil Durk, as well as fellow Parkway Gardens resident Chief Keef. He was known for his nickname “Grandson” which refers to David Barksdale, the founder of the Black Disciples which King Von was a member of. FBG Duck was a Gangster Disciple. Black Disciples sets are currently at war with the various Gangster Disciple sets in Chicago’s South Side. Apparently the GD’s are blackballed from the Industry, but all of the BD’s are blowing up in the music industry such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Fredo Santana (who was also murdered by the numbers), and King Von, all these rappers are from O Block. O-Block is a nickname adopted by the “(300)” set of the Black Disciples gang, located in 64th King Drive blvd. That name was born out of honor for one of their fallen members named “Odee Perry”, who was killed in 2011 by a hail of gunfire. Von got the name in jail when many people who knew David said that he reminded them of the gang leader in how he handles himself in the streets as well as his general demeanor. King Von=38, Rapper=38, Chiraq=38, Murder=38, Grandson=38, Death=38, Election=38, (he’s dead during election week”) Pop Smoke=38, NBA Youngboy calls himself the “38 Baby” and him and Von were enemies (allegedly). On September 19, 2019 Von released his 15 track debut album, “Grandson, Vol. 1” featuring Lil Durk on a pair of tracks, the album debuted at #75 on the Billboard 200 and #27 on the Hip Hop/R&B Songs Airplay chart, Dayvon Daquan Bennett=75 FR, Lil Tim=75 EO (Von’s alleged killer), New World Order=75 FR. He released his debut album on a date with 67 Numerology 9 +19+20+19=67, Blood Sacrifice=67 FR, Human Sacrifice=67 FR, King=67 RO, Police Officer=67 RFR, allegedly (of course denied by the police and blamed on Leeks, you can see Leeks on the video clearly shoot Von) a police officer is responsible for the murder. From the day of his 1st album releasing Grandson, until the day he died was 59 weeks and 1 day. 59 is the number stamped on black people. He released a single called “Grandson for President” =110 RFR, President=110 EO, From the day Von released “Levon James came out 1 month and 10 days after Kobe dropped dead, like 110. He was murdered during the week the president of the united states was being selected. Sacrifice=46, Joe Biden is the 46th President of the U.S, Lebron is now 4-6 in NBA Finals, Chinx Drugz=46 RFR and why is he relevant in this story? Because French Montana sacrificed him in 2015 and Chinx was signed to Coke Boys Records. Ironically, Lil Durk had a deal with Coke Boys Records at the same time Chinx was killed. Dayvon=81, 27, 81, 27 (his 1st name). Ritual=81, 27, 81, 45. FBG Duck=27 FR. A perfect match in 3 out of the 4 base cyphers. Bennett=26 FR,  He passed away at the age of 26, Kobe died on the 26th of January, Von was sacrificed 26 days after the Lakers won the Championship, God=26, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, FBG Duck was 26 when he was murdered. Von died in a “Shooting” =109 RO, 37 RFR. Bennett=109 RO, 37 RFR, Joe Biden=37 FR. Bennett is very familiar with shootings. During his teen years, Bennett was arrested multiple times and would spend years in and out of jail before he turned to rapping in 2018. On November 21, 2012, Bennett was arrested and booked into Cook County jail for unlawful possession of a firearm. On July 24, 2014, Von was arrested in connection with a shooting in May 2014, resulting in the death of several men and the injury of two others. Von was charged with 1 count of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. The shooting took place at 5700 South Lasalle Street in Englewood, Chicago. After witnesses failed to testify, all charges against King Von were dropped and towards the end of 2017 he walked free. Lil Durk has said in an interview with Von on the Breakfast Club that he pressed Von to become a rapper to stay out of any more trouble. (Durk got him in more trouble actually) In June 2019, King Von and fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk were arrested in connection to a shooting in Atlanta. Von co-defended Durk and the two rappers appeared before a judge in a Fulton County courtroom for a probable cause hearing. Prosecutors claimed the two men robbed and shot a man outside a popular Atlanta drive-in on February 5, 2019. This is how Von got on “street cred” doing “drills”, this is how he got a record deal because it was not his music. He claims he has 5 kills under his belt, there is only 1 or 2 that can be verified. Drill is a style of trap music that originated in the South Side of Chicago 10 years ago. Drill=55 EO, Von was murdered on the day leaving 55 days left in the year, Blood Sacrifice=257 RO, Los Angeles Lakers=257 RO. which is the 55th prime, King James=55, Satan=55, Levon James=55 RFR. Kobe’s memorial was on the 55th day of the year. Satan and Drill are a perfect match in 3 out of 4 cyphers. Von has died a span of 55 days from LeBron’s upcoming birthday, Drill=55, 28, 80, 35. Satan=55, 10, 80, 35. King Von did 3.5 years in jail, King James=35, Levon James=35 FR, Catholic=35, Rap=35, The real King James became a Freemason at age 35. Lebron James is currently 35 years old. This murder happened while the 2nd Catholic president Joe Biden was selected.  The sister of LeBron’s friend gets murdered in Akron on 11/2. DaBaby, who’s from Cleveland, has his brother commit suicide on 11/3. Von’s “Levon James” album is in tribute to LeBron. King von dead on 11/6/20. 89 days after his 8/9 birthday, King James=89 EO, When LeBron beat the Warriors in Game 7, on the real King James’ birthday, the Warriors went down with 89. Levon James = 116 which is like November 6th, the day he died. African American=116 EO. When Duck died Von and O Block was making fun of him. When an enemy gets killed the way they disrespect the dead is by smoking weed and saying, “were smoking that duck pack”. When Von died, his enemies made fun of Von by saying they are smoking on that “Von Pack”. Von died on a date with 57 numerology, November 6, 2020. NBA Finals=57 RFR, Quando Rondo=57 FR, Lil Tim is a member of Quando Rondo’s crew. 11/6/2020 = 11+6+20+20 = 57. Odee Perry=57, The O in O Block stands for Odee Perry, a member of the Chicago Black Disciples gang who was shot dead in 2011. King Von’s top track is “Took her to the O” King James just won his 4th NBA Title in the “O” Orlando’s nickname. Kobe Bryant won his 4th Championship over the Orlando Magic. Durk is at one point was signed to French Montana’s Coke Boys record label. Montana sacrificed Chinx Drugz on 5/17/2015. Durk has become a well-respected rapper in the music industry. Why because he’s sacrificed his Manager, his cousin Nuski, and his friend King Von. That’s why he’s the biggest rapper out of Chicago, that now has a song with Drake. His fan base has been built by the success of Durk’s mixtapes. His mixtapes include I’m A Hitta, I’m Still A Hitta, Life Ain’t No Joke, Signed to the Streets, Coke Boys 4, and Signed to the Streets 2. The manager of rapper Lil Durk was fatally shot in the Avalon Park neighborhood early Friday 3/27/2015 — just hours after a meeting with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah=97 FR, 43 EO to talk about anti-violence initiatives, according to an associate of the South Side rapper. Uchenna Agina, 24, was shot at 1:50 a.m. Friday while sitting in a car in the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue, authorities said, Coke Boys Records=84 RFR this happened when durk was signed to Coke Boys Records. Jesuit=84, United States of America=84, Slime Life Shawty=84 RFR (Durk’s new artist). OTF Nunu, Chicago rapper, shot to death in Chatham.

McArthur Swindle, 21, cousin of Lil Durk, killed on 87thA Chicago rapper related to prominent rapper Lil Durk was shot and killed Saturday afternoon in Chatham. McArthur Swindle, 21, was sitting in a sport-utility vehicle in the 700 block of East 87th Street in the South Side neighborhood around 3:20 p.m. when someone walked up and started shooting, killing Swindle, according to the police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. The vehicle hit the front of a store in a strip mall at 87th and Cottage Grove. Swindle – called Nunu by his family – sometimes went by the name Nuski, or OTF Nunu as a rapper. OTF stands for “only the family” – Lil Durk’s group of rap artists. The police said the shooting might have been gang-related. An aunt said Swindle wasn’t involved in gangs. Swindle’s death came as he was working on new music.”This was going to be his big breakout project,” said Merk Murphy, who runs a studio where Swindle was recording the new tracks. Like many of his contemporaries, Swindle’s drill rap focused on his life. His songs were energetic, focused on having a good time and his relationship to the people close to him, Murphy said. “He was one of those kids who saw an opportunity to put himself in a better position with his music,” Murphy said. Swindle was working with his cousin Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Banks, who was trying to get him noticed, Murphy said.

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