Deborah Birx announces her retirement, December 22, 2020, in perfect Jesuit / coronavirus ritual

Catholic Church Coronavirus Federal Government News

This news comes on her 263rd day of her age, the 56th prime, and notice she was born in ’56. Of course, that is the number of the year, coming 56 years after 1964, when his Jesuit Education began at Fordham, like how right now is the time of the 56th Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who also went to Fordham… and the list goes on, and on…

There have been many 263 / 56 rituals we have covered during this coronavirus year, including this one with 56 year old Jeff Beezos of Amazon, the biggest beneficiary

As we have covered before, her name factors in with ‘Jesuit’, equating to 78 and 84.

This news has 74 and 54 date numerology.

12/22/20 = 12+22+20 = 54


  1. GregRamsey74 on December 22, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    “War On Germs” = 56 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    “December 22nd” = 201 (Reverse Ordinal)

    “December Twenty-second” = 222 (English Ordinal)

    “Coronavirus Coordinator” = 78 (Septenary)(Coronavirus Coordinator is 22-letters, 2-words)

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