Deshaun Watson accused of being a ‘serial predator’ in new lawsuit

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What a sick joke calling Deshaun Watson a ‘serial predator’. This is simply put, more black shaming.

Think of the many 71 rituals we have seen done with the term ‘African-American’ over the years, from Nat Turner, to Birth of a Nation, to Joe Biden carrying 71% of the African-American vote.

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  1. Sanctus on March 24, 2021 at 10:43 am

    This is truly sick Zach. Not surprising this is a date with a 32 date numerology. “Negro” = 32 FR.
    It’s also 175 days away from his birthday on 9/14. “Sexual Assault” = 175 EO.
    It pisses me off greatly, how they keep attacking the black community and stealing from their minds their true identity. I seriously can’t wait until Jesus Christ returns and hangs these satanic MFers upon their own cursed trees.

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