Today is the Heisman winner’s 59th day of his age (DeVonta Smith).

59, 17th prime

17, 7th prime

Nick Saban going for championship #7

Today has 17 date numerology, and Ohio is the 17th state… and they have 17 points at the half.

11/1/2020 = 11+1+(2+0+2+1) = 17

Keep in mind #6 won the Heisman 6 days ago, and he caught the winning TD against Georgia to help Nick Saban win #6, tying Bear Bryant. Also, keep in mind it is 2021, emphasis on ’21, the 6th triangular number.

And don’t overlook that DeVonta Smith Heisman win on January 5, or 5/1.

And for a few more 17s, how about this show at halftime?

Seat 17.

17 on the Alabama helmet… 17 points for Ohio State… (the 17th state…)

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  1. Keenan on January 12, 2021 at 7:22 am

    – Mac Jones finished his college career with 56 passing TD’s, 41 of which came this season. Alabama just improved to 4-1 all time vs Ohio St. Roll Tide=41. 41, 13th prime. Alabama=13. Alabama made their 41st College Gameday appearance under Nick Saban. Ryan Day is 41 years old. Ohio St fell to 4-1 in 2020 vs ranked teams.
    – Najee Harris finished with 26 rushing TD’s this season. Bear=26. Bryant=26. Game=26. Sports=26. At one point he had a 26 yd receiving TD.
    – Of course the total was set at 75 and went OVER by 1 point, ruining many bettors’ tickets. A logical person would have chosen the under however you cannot approach these games logically. Miami Gardens=76.
    – Saban got his 256th win overall and his 165th at Alabama. Ohio State Buckeyes=256. Hard Rock Stadium=165. Rowdy Harrell=165.
    – Saban improved to 7-2 in championships, 72 days after his birthday. Jesuit Order=72, William Harrell=72. Buckeye=72. Heisman Trophy=72.
    – Alabama won their 13th overall title in college football’s poll era (1936-present) by getting their 13th win of the season. Alabama, #1, vs Ohio St, #3. Emphasis on 13!
    – The win came in Saban’s 322nd game (256-65-1). Skull and Bones=41/202. Alabama now leads the h2h 4-1. Justin Fields is now 20-2 as a starter.
    – Alabama got its 44th bowl victory (41st after vacations) Buckeyes=44.
    – Saban got his 7th championship in the 7th year of the College Football Playoff after 7 Alabama players took home awards at the College Football Awards Show on the 7th day of the year, January 7. Alabama’s 52 point performance marked Alabama’s 7th 50 plus-point outing vs AP Top 25 teams since Saban took over in 2008.
    – Ohio State fell to 7-1 for the 2020 season. 71, 20th prime. Saban is catholic. Catholic=71. Ohio St plays in Columbus, Ohio. Knights of Columbus=71.
    Zach, I suggest using the provided game notes from teams. Helps A LOT in collecting win-loss records you might otherwise not find.
    Alabama game notes:
    Ohio State game notes:

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