Disney’s movie Soul that released on Christmas, December 25, 2020 | Another 41 Ritual


Recall all the 41 rituals on Christmas? Here is another.

12/25/2020 = 12+25+(2+0+2+0) = 41

And notice the main character’s name is Joe, in a year of Joe’s — Joe Burrow, Tiger King Joe, the Joe Montana Bowl, Joe Rogan, Joe Biden, etc.

And keep in mind this Joe works in a school, like Joe Carter, who was reported dead four days after Christmas: https://gematriaeffect.news/joe-clark-the-principal-remembered-in-the-film-lean-on-me-dead-at-82-december-30-2020-news/


The name Joe Gardner also sums to 56, the number of the year.

Update: (May 3, 2023) Jamie Foxx plays the main character, and he once starred as Ray Charles in a Hollywood film, a man who was a pianist. This film came out on 12/25 (1225, square root of 35 — Catholic 35, Holy See = 35, Jesuitism = 35). He collapsed on April 12, 2023, and was found by his daughter 56 days after her birthday. Of course, Jamie Foxx is in his 56th year of his life. *Ray Charles died 19 years ago (19 year cycle of the moon), and this is happening to Foxx in ’23. *Soul = 23

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