DMX, Earl Simmons, on life support & family calculating next move, April 7, 2021

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Tomorrow is April 8, or 4/8, and DMX, or Earl Simmons is on life support, waiting for the plug to be pulled.

Notice how Earl Simmons and ‘crucifix’ equate to 48, and crucifix also equates to 93, like how the news of him being in a vegetative state came April 3, the 93rd day of the year.

“Twenty four left until my death
So I’m gon’ waste alot of lives, but I’ll cherish every breath
I know exactly where I’m goin’, but I’mma send you there first
And with the shit that I’ll be doin’, I’mma send you there worse
I’ve been livin’ with a curse, and now it’s all about to end
But before I go, say hello to my little friend
But I gots to make it right, reconcile with my mother
Try to explain to my son, tell my girl I love her
C-4 up under the coat, snatch up my dog
Turn like three buildings on Wall Street, into a fog
Out with a bang, you will remember my name
I wanted to live forever, but this wasn’t fame” – DMX, 24 Hours to Live

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