DMX’s Memorial, April 24, 2021, in the Brooklyn Nets building, on the 114th day of the year

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DMX’s memorial is on Saturday, April 24, 2021, a date with 69 and 49 numerology.

4/24/2021 = 4+24+20+21 = 69 (He was born Earl Simmons)
4/24/21 = 4+24+21 = 49 (He died on 4/9)

It is exactly three weeks after the news breaking that he was in a vegetative state, Saturday, April 3, 2021, where it was reported he had OD’d at 11 PM on April 2, a Friday, the night prior —- meaning today is 22 days after the OD.

Basketball = 22 (Think of the Dave Chappelle joke about being a rapper or playing basketball)

The memorial is at the Barclay’s Center, a ‘basketball’ stadium for the Brooklyn Nets.

I bring this up because today is the 114th day of the year, and that is the “LeBron James” number, the star of the NBA, and if there is a runner up number for LeBron, it is 42, reminding that DMX’s reported OD date was April 2, or 4/2, like 42.

April 24th memorial, on the 114th day of the year
4/2 OD date for DMX, April 2, 2021

Keep in mind they did the huge ritual for Notorious BIG at the Barclays Center. Please read this post on that ritual here, which also provides a nice long list of “39” connections to New York.

And here is where Barclays Center fits in with LeBron, equating to 56.

Three = 20+8+18+5+5 = 56 (Three weeks later, OD to Memorial)

Notice the ‘Long Live DMX’ monster truck.

The NBA Finals begin on July 8, 2021, a date with 56 numerology.

7/8/2021 = 7+8+20+21 = 56

LeBron would enter those finals with a record of 4-6…

Dark Man X = 86
NBA Finals coined in ’86

Blood Sacrifice = 86
Human Sacrifice = 86

Keep in mind DMX was an actor, and this memorial also comes the day before the 93rd Academy Awards, reminding that the news of him being in a coma came on April 3, 2021, the 93rd day of the year.

Crucifix = 93
God’s Son = 93
Nazareth = 93

The awards are on Sunday, April 25, 2021.


  1. Hickok458 on April 24, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    With DMX’s memorial being at the Barclays Center and him having lyrics in the song Damien saying “you mean like Chucky, ahh yeah just like Chucky, well dada looks like we both lucky”. The Child Play movies recently got put out on Netflix with Andy Barclay being the main character.
    Child Play=46. Lebron will be going into the finals 4-6.
    Good Guy Doll=56
    L.A. Lakers=56. Lebron can become 5-6.
    Good Guys=41.
    L.A.=21 in Jewish.
    Champion=43, 201 in Jewish.
    Andy Barclay=43.

  2. k1 on April 25, 2021 at 7:11 am

    Steven Seagal is 69 years old
    DMX starred in “Exit Wounds” (46) together
    The movie had a 33 million budget and reached #1 box office.
    its a 2001 film about police corruption and was dubbed a surpise hit and the return of steven seagal
    In the movie DMX name is “Latrell Walker” = 201 & 84

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