Does Medina Spirit do it again (Kentucky Derby deja vu)?

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Medina Spirit is in the 8th post again, like he was when he won the Kentucky Derby, in a field of 19 horses.
19, 8th prime

This race is a span of 19 days from John Velazquez’s upcoming birthday (the jockey).

If Baffert wins, he’ll have his 19th Breeder’s Cup win.

Today is 27-weeks after the Kentucky Derby *Ritual = 27

Keep in mind Medina Spirit won on May 1, or 5/1
-Classic = 51
-This is the Breeder’s Cup ‘Classic’

*Luis Saez is also racing on his 172nd day of his age, at the Breeder’s Cup, on 11/6
-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 116 / 172
-Breeder’s Cup = 116
*He is on Essential Quality


  1. NASCARriddles on November 6, 2021 at 11:46 am

    Zach thank for look into this i was one that asked about this because look I looked into stiletto boy he is 2/9 for the 2021 season could become 3/10 on the 310th day of the year leaving 55 day left and the horse was fouled/born on 5/5/2018
    He is a long shot along with Medina spirit and ‘long shot’= 38FR and it the 38th addition of the breeders cup
    His last win was on 7/2/21 from 7/2/21 to 11/6 is a span of 127 day and 127 is the 31st prime # like he can become 3/10 on the season like 31
    There is a whole lot more Im certain but my theory is since long shot equals 38 and it’s the 38th running of the breeders cup maybe both long shots win and the finish would be 721 like 127 backward the amount of day from the 7 last win to the race day

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