Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Jonathan Karl’s Book “Betrayal”: The January 6th Capitol “Insurrection” and The Hanged Man Archetype

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On January 6th, 2021 The Capitol in Washington D.C. was the scene of what was dubbed by the media as an attempted coup, an insurrection and one of the greatest attacks on American democracy in the country’s history.

Objective observation of the events of January 6th in Washington D.C. suggests that it was not but an event performed to create a specific reaction to the public; mostly in deepening the political division and a distraction from a looming genuine threat to American – and world – freedoms; the tried-and-true Divide and Conquer strategy.

As with all major events that profoundly effect emotions and perceptions on a mass scale, this one was based on esoteric archetypes and elements.

I will point to one of the esoteric roots of what was a grand ritual using Western magic traditions.

A highlight of the January 6th, 2020 event (highlighted by the media in order to embed it onto the public consciousness) was a gallows and hangman’s noose set up on the Capitol grounds by purported insurrectionists.

Gallows and hangman’s noose set up at January 6th, 2021 Capitol “insurrection.”

Below is an example of an on-line post promoting the hanging theme ahead of the event:

The esoteric root of this aspect of the ritual can be seen in the Tarot tradition (whose origins go back to Ancient Kemet/Egypt) in the Major Arcana a.k.a. Trump card (this is most likely not a coincidence, and a detail to the ritual) THE HANGED MAN.

There is an astrological meaning to The Hanged Man tarot card: it represents the inverted cross; the upside-down cross known as the Mutable Cross. The Mutable Cross is a cross formed on the zodiacal wheel between Sagittarius and Gemini on one axis, and Pisces and Virgo on the other axis.

The Mutable Cross is also known as “St. Peter’s Cross” or the Petrine Cross (highlighted in grey above). It is the inverted; upside-down cross.

More evidence that the term “TRUMP CARD” is not a coincidence, and does tie Donald Trump to the “The Hanged Man” card, is this March 20th, 2017 TIME Magazine cover that when inverted reveals Trump in a position, specifically with his legs, of The Hanged Man.

Remember that The Hanged Man is the Mutable Cross which is made up of 4 zodiac signs including Gemini. Donald Trump born June 14th, is a Gemini and part of the Petrine Cross.

The American media has participated in the latest chapter of the ritual. Author Jonathan Karl published a book titled: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show.” The title “Betrayal” is a direct reference to The Hanged Man tarot card, which in earlier editions was known as “THE TRAITOR” card.

To clinch the real root of the ritual, the book’s author Jonathan Karl did a face-to-face interview with Donald Trump himself – in November – where he specifically focused on a purported chant by January 6th “insurrectionists”: “HANG PIKE PENCE.”


The key number here is 67. This is the gematria value of “HANGED MAN” and “NOOSE.”

Mike Pence’s birthday is June 7th, a date written 6-7.

Jonathan Karl feigns outrage at Trump’s dismissive quip that Mike Pence was “WELL PROTECTED”; a specially chosen phrase in accordance with the ritual. “WELL PROTECTED” sums to 67 in gematria.

The anti- Mike Pence emotion is based on the fact that he did not challenge the 2020 Presidential election results, and is portrayed as a traitor to the Republican Party. Clearly they are playing out a script from the archetypes of the mystery traditions.

Judas who is popularly portrayed as having betrayed Jesus (yes, Trump is Jesus in this play) is also known as “Judas Thomas.” The name Thomas means twin. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

A June 7th birthday makes Mike Pence a Gemini, and part of the Mutable Cross, the upside-down cross which is represented by The Hanged Man Tarot card.

The Hanged Man Tarot Trump card came into play during the September 11th sorcery. September 11th is under Virgo which part of the Mutable Cross. The Twin Towers represented Gemini since twins are the symbol for the zodiac sign of Gemini.

A major story that emerged from the horrific ritual was the death of an individual who jumped from one of the burning towers. A documentary was made of him titled 9/11 The Falling Man.

What is remarkable about the falling individual is the position he briefly ended up in — which the documentary makers intentionally and consciously used as the cover for the documentary — which was strikingly similar to The Hanged Man Tarot Trump Card. The title “The Falling Man” is suggestive of “The Hanged Man.”

In gematria “The Falling Man” sums to 67.

This is all part of a greater dark ritual. It is no coincidence that the author of the book “Betrayal” Jonathan Karl — who focuses specifically on the “Hang Mike Pence” chant from the January 6th Capitol event — was born on 119; January 19th.

The title and subtitle of his book: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show” sums to 156 with S exception of Pythagorean gematria (S the 19th letter is only reduced once by adding 1+9, so S = 10). In Pythagorean (Full Reduction) S is reduced again (10, 1+0) to equal 1.

911 is the 156th prime number.


Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury. So Trump and Pence both being Gemini, represent the planet Mercury.

Mercury is also a Roman god. The day of veneration for Mercury, Mercuralia, is the 15th of May, a date written 15-5 like 155.

Mike Pence’s full name “Michael Richard Pence” sums to 155.

“St. Peter’s Cross” sums to 155; St. Peter’s Cross being the upside-down Mutable Cross represented by THE HANGED MAN tarot card.


  1. redsam96 on December 2, 2021 at 4:36 am

    Hey Rambo, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and insight. I have a quick question about the Mutable Cross: why those specific signs? Couldn’t they make a cross out of any 4 that were in the same pattern, or are there multiple crosses per say? Like are Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries a separate cross for example?

    • Rambo on December 2, 2021 at 11:03 am

      The zodiacal wheel of the tropical zodiac has 12 signs; each season, SRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER, has 3 zodiac signs.

      The sign that occurs at the BEGINNING of a season is called a CARDINAL sign. That is: Aries (beginning of Spring), CANCER (beginning of Summer), LIBRA (beginning of Autumn) and CAPRICORN (Beginning of Winter). They form The CARDINAL CROSS a.k.a. St. George’s Cross. This cross is the + plus sign.

      The signs in the middle of each season are called the FIXED signs. Taurus = Spring, Leo = Summer, Scorpio = Autumn, Aquarius = Winter. This is the Fixed Cross a.k.a. St. Andrew’s Cross. This is actually considered the most powerful cross. This cross is the X.

      The Mutable Cross is the signs at the end of each season and is St. Peter’s Cross, the upside-down cross.

  2. Sshev on December 2, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I don’t know if you ever looked, but Mercury = 155 in the “experimental” (lol) cipher that Adam Weishaupt gave to the Minerval / novice Illuminati members to use in written communication.

    Mutable Square 155, 47, and 56 single reduction. is another aspect of the Mutable Grand Cross.

    The Mutable Grand Cross = 214 in Bacon’s Simple and Jewish Ordinal. 214 has ritualistic sacrifice, Perfected man and good Samaritan, the perfect storm and even the crucifixion. The Bavarian Illuminati =214 we were dealing with that 214 lately.

    Have I ever mentioned that the 157 and 287 Shakespeare/ Rosicrucian seal numbers are in United States = 157 Ordinal 287 Kaye?

    Insurrection = 157 and 67 Bacon Simple and short, it is also 157 in that well known Illuminati cipher.

    Hanged man in Francis Bacon’s Kaye ciphers is 220 like the Holy Roman Empire and 223 in Modern26 alphabet Kaye. Where G is 33 in both.

    Hang Mike Pence = 314 in the Kaye. Funny, because the colel rule never said where you have to take 1 from. So 314 can be 214. Removing a 1 from the first number of the full number.

    There is more, but the news just said the wife of a music executive Clarence Avant was killed in their home.
    Avant is different in Bacon and Jewish because of the V.
    So, the typical 59 for a black man is in Jewish ordinal with 14 in Reduced like kill. He is 13 and 77 in Base ciphers and 32 which is a Scottish Rite number.
    In the Kaye ciphers he is 106 another black number and 110. I think he was a big deal.
    Clarence Avant = 119 and 47 with Jewish / Agrippa cipher 999. He is 301 in Modern Kaye. The number I have been mentioning lately. He is also 156 in the Illuminati cipher. The prime 911. I saw he was known as the Black Godfather.
    Black Godfather = 113 and 59. The Black Godfather = 74.
    Clarence Alexander Avant = 86 ,130and in Bacon’s 191, 74, and 503 Kaye or 53.
    Clarence Alexander= 314 and 73
    Jacqueline Avant = 155, 56, 88, and 56 in Bacon’s too.
    Jacqueline = 227 in Bacon’s Kaye to go with his 314, and Base ciphers 97 and 56 The 97 prime 509, so 59

    The Insurrection was a ritual. It = 81 reduced and it is 81 Jewish reduced and also 81 in Bacons. 81 = ritual.

    • Rambo on December 3, 2021 at 5:39 pm

      I did notice the “Mercury” 155, but in Modern Kaye. The Ides of each month are Jupiter veneration dates. The Ides of May is May 15th. So they put the Mercury veneration day on a Jupiter day, I believe intentionally so as not to give Mercurius full recognition. It is clear who the chief gods were; the ones whose temples were on the sacred Capitoline Hill: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva and Mars (maybe Vulcan). It is clear that Mercury and Venus had lesser status. Putting April Fools’ Day on Venus veneration day (Veneralia) is another example of how they don’t just view some gods/planets as lesser but are actually hostile towards them. Venus and Mercury are constantly desecrated in ritual.

  3. AnthonyCDavison on December 3, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    Michael Richard Pence=101

    Book released 162 days from Pence’s birthday
    Mike Pence=162

    Also a span of 163 days – the 38th Prime

    **Better still it was released 155 days or a span of 156 days** from Trump’s birthday
    It was released on a date with 68 AND 48 numerology with 45 days remaining in the year!
    Donald John Trump=68
    Donald J Trump=68
    Donald Trump=48

    Trump #45
    Mike Pence=45
    Holy Bible=45

    Holy Bible matters because it was released on 16/11/2021 and 1611 is the year the KJV was published, this is where it gets very interesting

    It’s not a secret that Jesus/Jesus Christ equates to 888 in Greek Isopsephy – that knowledge was around long before this community existed
    Donald J Trump=888 (Sumerian) has been compared to the Messiah on more than one occasion

    Look at the words “Donald J Trump” “Mutable Cross” and “Hanged Man” in the 4 base ciphers
    They share multiple overlap but the most interesting one is 176 – an exact match in all three

    176 reminds of Psalm 119: The longest chapter in the bible split into 22 sections, each on named/numbered with a letter from the Hebrew Alphabet, which as we know are also numbers

    Donald=119 (Jewish) nicknamed the First Jewish President and the man whose head appears on the Israeli shekel along with King Cyrus

    #NeverForget from 9/11/01 to the date he was declared president elect on 11/9 was 15 years and 60 days (156)

    Anyway, the 176th verse of Psalm 119 sums to 1078

    Trump is a known practitioner of the faith

    Also notice the sheep reference in Psalm 119:176 as Trump is known for his mattress commercial talking to digital sheep on pillars 9 and 11

    Verse 176 is found in the final section represented by the hebrew letter Tav
    Tav=38 has a Hebrew Gematria value of
    Four Hundred=163 (38th prime)


    I also noticed that
    Donald John Trump=76
    Mike Pence born 7/6

    Something else interesting, especially in light of what you said about Jesus’ identity is that in the Jewish Cipher

    • Rambo on December 3, 2021 at 7:15 pm

      Great additions as usual!

      Neo in the Matrix movie has his passport expiring on 9-11-2001. His real name was THOMAS Anderson to emphasize the symbolism.

      I’ve never seen so much Mercury coding with one person: the sheep connection to Trump is also because Christianity took the moniker “The Good Shepherd” for Jesus from that title which belonged to Hermes/Mercury the ruler of the realm of herds who was often depicted holding a ram or a sheep on his shoulders long before Christianity existed.

      • AnthonyCDavison on December 4, 2021 at 1:37 am

        ….leading us back “through the valley of the shadow of death” to the most famous Psalm of all:

        Psalm Twenty Three=224

        The first line sums to 156

        which is only one off

        “The Good Shepherd”=157/248 reminding us of the time
        Kobe Bryant=157/113, Mr “24/8”, who played the Good Shepherd directing traffic 113 days from what would prove to be his final birthday.

        • Sshev on December 4, 2021 at 8:59 am

          Yeah, and Jupiter and Juno put in the Tarot in place of the Pope and Popess (Pope Joan)..

          The most important part of the Bible is Genesis 49 where the prophecy is given for the 12 sons. Where Paul being BENJAMIN is a ravening wolf warned against in Matthew 7.
          Jesus would have been a son of Joseph who either comes a,s or comes from, “the Shepherd and stone of Israel”.
          Shepherd and stone 227 Francis Bacon
          Good Shepherd = 119 and 74 in Bacon’s and 301 in Kaye like Mary Magdalene and the rest of late.
          Genesis 49 has Joseph blessed by Shaddai with blessings of the Breasts and Womb. It is funny because in the Hebrew Bible on it is there in the Hebrew but not put into the English translation. Why?
          They deny the Mother. Shaddai is from Shad for breast. And in the blessing you see shaddim meaning breasts and also the word for womb. Breasts and womb = 156

          • AnthonyCDavison on December 4, 2021 at 12:23 pm

            “Thou dids’t make me hope when I was upon my mother’s shadim” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it though 😉
            Seriously – mind blowing info again and again and again – On behalf of everyone that frequents this corner: Thank you!

  4. Sshev on December 4, 2021 at 9:04 am

    From Bible hub Genesis 49: 25by the God of your father who helps you, and by the Almighty who blesses you, with blessings of the heavens above, with blessings of the depths below, with blessings of the breasts and womb.

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