Donald Trump wears a mask in public for the first time at Walter Reed, July 11, 2020, a CIA mind control operation

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This news comes on Trump’s 28th day of his age, and the 193rd day of the year, where 193 is the 44th prime number.

The Roman Catholic Church is the boss.

Notice how ‘coronavirus mask’ also fits in with the gematria of ‘mask’.

How many people will pass out at the vehicle from driving around with a mask, crash and die? I want to see that statistic. These masks can be very hazardous, especially in the heat.

Notice how ‘Donald Trump’ and Walter Reed overlap, 48 / 60 / 159.

Freemason = 48; Illuminati = 48

Scottish Rite = 159

Order = 60

Walter Reed has the 666 connection as well.

666 number of the beast.

You know the 47 list.

This news comes on a Saturday, the day of the week named after ‘Saturn’, the keeper of time, related to death and judgement.  *Saturday, July 11, 2020

Recall how 93 connects to Saturn as well as Wuhan Coronavirus.

TIME = 20+9+13+5 = 47

July 11, 2020 is a date with 58 and 38 numerology.

7/11/2020 = 7+11+20+20 = 58

Trump won the 58th U.S. Presidential Election.

Calendar = 58

Gregorian = 58

Zodiac = 58

Solar Cycle = 58

As for 38…

7/11/20 = 7+11+20 = 38

Pandemic = 38

D.C. on the 38th Parallel North

Kabbalah = 38

*Jew = 38

Don’t forget about the secret Jewish history of 7/11, in light of it being July 11:

To close, let us not forget, this is the code to the mind control matrix of mainstream misinformation. And today is 11/7, like 117.

MLK, assassinated on 4/4, in 1968. Barack Obama, #44, and Mr. 68.

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