Donald Trump’s sister’s death in light of two term Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry

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Donald Trump is trying to repeat Grover Cleveland history with split terms. If he succeeds, he will do it age 78. Again, there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the top card in Tarot is the Trump card.
Cleveland = 78, Scottish Rite = 78, Jesuit = 78

Anyhow, notice that Marion Barry died at age 78. He had two terms like Grover Cleveland, and possibly soon to be Donald Trump.

M.B. is 4.2.

Recall the many 134s with Donald Trump. Here’s another parallel, after the death of Maryanne Trump Barry. *Marion Barry = 134 *House of Cards=134 *Make America Great Again=134 *Melania=134

He died on his 263rd day of his age, the 56th prime number.
Washington DC=56
Society of Jesus=56

You could also say he died 262 days after his birthday.
Faustian Bargain=262

He also died a span of 206 days from Trump’s announcement that he was running for US President.

A 46 minute speech, from the man born in ’46.

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