Double masking is 92% effective at blocking infectious particles, February 10, 2021 news

Coronavirus News

92%? What a tribute to ‘Covid-19’.

Notice, this news comes on February 10, or 10/2, like 102.

Social Distancing = 102 *Wuhan, China = 102 *Art of War = 102

Think about how difficult it is to speak with TWO masks on. These tactics are distancing people from one another, and that is what they want. “United we stand, divided we fall.”

With regards to the photo of Amanda Gorman in the article, read about her strong connection to 102.


  1. AnthonyCDavison on February 10, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    “Double Masking”=92 when the “E Exception” is applied in Reverse Reduction
    Also: “Ninety-Two” is an exact match with “Fifty-Six” in 3/4 of the Base Ciphers

  2. ceepup on February 11, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    They really want you smother yourself in breathing! So dumb!
    2/11/2021 news at 4:30pm Thousands of counterfeit 3M respirators have slipped past U.S. investigators in recent months, making it to the cheeks and chins of health care workers and perplexing experts who say they’re not vastly inferior to the real thing.

    N95 masks are prized for their ability to filter out 95 percent of the minuscule particles that can carry the coronavirus. Yet the fakes pouring into the country have fooled health care leaders from coast to coast. As many as 1.9 million counterfeit 3M masks made their way to about 40 hospitals in Washington state.

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