Dr. Trevor Bedford covers up for Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak conspiracy +Fred Hutchinson & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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Contact Information for Trevor Bedford:


This story, written on the 44th day of the year, by a scientist at Fred Hutchinson, just down the street from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in Seattle, Washington, where the first Coronavirus patient in the U.S.. was found, is to coverup for the government-military conspiracy that is the Coronavirus outbreak.  Read these recent posts if you doubt my words.  *Military = 44

Military World Games in Wuhan same day as Event 201 Coronavirus simulation:

Dean Koontz, Coronavirus ‘prophet’ headlines on 44th day of 2020:

Event 201 and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in light of January 21, 2020 Outbreak:

Recall, the Military World Games in Wuhan and the Event 201 simulation were both on October 18, similar to how Dean Koontz is 74-years-old at this time.

The first case in the U.S. was found in Snohomish County.

Patient Zero was discovered December 12, 2020, 56-days after Event 201.  Coronavirus sums to 56, and when the master numerology of v (22) is observed, it sums to 74.

For another 74, look no further than ‘bioRxiv paper’.


Keep in mind Trevor Bedford was making headlines the same day as Dean Koontz, and his book, ‘The Eyes of Darkness’.

Think about how Bill Gates, at the center of this all, is a computer guy.  Computer?  Virus?