Eko the Tiger’s December 29, 2021 death, in light of the Bengals playing in Super Bowl 56 in the Year of the Tiger

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Eko the Tiger died on 12/29 at the Naples Zoo.
1229, 201st prime
Tiger = 201

Eko the Tiger died 46-days before Super Bowl 56.
Joe Burrow = 46
Sacrifice = 46

And he died in Naples.
Naples = 67
Malayan = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67

When Joe Burrow won the championship, LSU Tigers over Clemson Tigers, the score was 42-25 (67 points).

Now he plays in the Queen City, Cincinnati, for the Bengals, and the Super Bowl is 67-days before the Queen’s 96th birthday on April 21, 2022.
Cincinnati = 96
Joe Burrow born in ’96
Bengals enter Super Bowl 8-6 vs. Rams

And to make no mistake about this being connected to the Bengals…
Eko the Tiger = 60 / 174
Cincinnati = 174

Bengals = 60

And notice, when Maradona died, he died in Tigre (meaning Tiger), and he once played for Naples.

Read more about Maradona’s death here.

Read more about the death of Eko here.

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