Eli Rogers of D.C. Defenders plays XFL football, skipping mom’s funeral, February 15, 2020

Murder by Numbers Sports


His mother died February 5, 2020, 44-days after his 27th birthday.  *Ritual = 27 *Jackson = 44

That was the same day Trump was acquitted from the impeachment theater.

February 5, 2020 was a date with 47 numerology.  He plays for the ‘D.C.’ Defenders.

2/5/2020 = 2+5+20+20 = 47

The day of the funeral, where his team won 27-0, was 54-days after his birthday.

His mother’s name sums to 42, the ‘black history’ month number.  *Black History = 181 (42nd prime)

His mother’s funeral was on the 46th day of the year.

For one last point, notice he went to Louisville, like Lamar Jackson, who plays in nearby Baltimore.

Again, the funeral was on the 46th day of the year.