Elizabeth Ann, the cloned ferret, revealed February 18, 2021

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The cloned ferret was revealed on February 18, 2021, the 49th day of the year. That’s because ‘clone’ equates to 49.

Elizabeth Ann = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54
Willa = 21 / 78 *Jesuit = 21 / 78 (Who Elizabeth Ann was made from)

Read my old post on the unveiling of Dolly, the cloned sheep, February 22, 1997, the 53rd day of the year.

February 22, the 53rd day of the year…

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  1. artermix on February 19, 2021 at 7:56 pm

    I apologize if I do not get all the screen shot of the gematria calculators. I still have not figured out how to fully use it. But… wow Zachary, nice retrivial of an old news following the ferret cloning. It has Illuminati written all over.
    Dolly the sheep original code name was
    6LL3 (reported by the article above) wich is equal to 33 (EO)
    33- RNA
    However 6LLS is the correct code wich is =novus =91 (EO)= Freemanson

    The Roslin Institute is in Edinburg Scotland the birth place of the Freemansons
    Roslin = 33 (FR)
    Roslin Institute (EO) 137 = The Templars
    Therapeutics =55 (FR)
    -55 Masonic Temple
    -55 Fallen Angel (Lucifer being the worshipped god of the illuminati)
    The date of Dolly birth was july 5, 1996 7/5 1996 or 75—> 12
    -12 =New World Order
    -12=Catholic Church

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