Eric B.’s daughter dead at 28, March 16, 2020, after car accident with 18-wheeler

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Eric B.’s daughter is dead at 28.

*Ritual Sacrifice = 107 (28th prime) *Kill = 28

The news broke March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

She died Mach 16, or 16/3, like 163, the 38th prime number.

Read more about 38 and death here:

We just covered the death of Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, 38-days from his birthday, days after the death of his ex-, who starred in the film Exit 38.  Of course, we’ve covered thousands of other deaths pertaining to the number 38, especially on this February 7th, the 38th day of the year.

And don’t forget it is 2020, the year of ‘death’, as we predicted it would be.

The name Barrier sums to 71, the 20th prime.  That’s Eric B.’s surname.

Notice his November 8, or 11/8 birthday.  *Barrier = 118 *Death = 118

Further, notice his birth name is Louis.  His daughter died on the 76th day of the year, and on a date with 59 numerology.

3/16/2020 = 3+16+20+20 = 59

This was the same day Idris Elba contracted coronavirus, supposedly: